Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Happy!

I love girl nights!!! Just going over to my old apartment where I'm considered by everyone the sudo-roommate since I'm over there all the time but I don't always sleepover.

Anyways all my girls left for the holidays... Lindsay to Kansas for 4 weeks. Emily to Riverton for 4 weeks, Cessi to Missouri for 2 weeks, and Veronica to Roosevelt for 1 week. This last year I've realized how much I depend on these girls as well as my family. They are my life and I love them all dearly. This summer living in Kaysville at my Uncle Tom's house was so fun and a great experience, but I found very quickly that not coming up on the weekend threw off my whole week. School was great, but the people there weren't the greatest and they would pull me down to their level. Almost all of them had an LDS background, but none of them lived it anymore. They are all great people but not ones that I would hangout with after school. It was so nice and refreshing coming up to Logan every weekend and getting that life and spirit back.

This holiday with my girls gone I've been stuck at home with pretty much nothing to do, I'm not a big gamer so when Santa brought our family a Wii for Christmas it didn't really phase me. But I got Burn Notice Season 2 so I holed up in my room for a few days. Also once you come of a certain age its hard coming back to your parents house... even worse, getting rid of your car and having to ask to borrow one of your parents.

But Cessi is back!!! And we hung out tonight. It was so good catching up since as she was gone she acquired a new boyfriend who is in our ward and lives right behind Emily's house in Yorkshire Village... the house we window chalked a few weeks ago after FHE. But just talking and chatting made my day. Her fun story and excitement over TJ rubbed off on me and I can't stop smiling. Its so great.

Love you guys :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thinking about where I am, where I'm going, and what got me here

So this is kinda weirding me out to write about but its on my mind so I need to write to get it off my chest. Usually I'm very happy and optimisic, can't wait for what comes next, and just happy being where I'm at, with the great people that I surround myself with. But tonight I just feel old and lonely which are two things that I most certainly am not!
Sarina and Tyler got engaged tonight. Out of my group of friends from Middle School in Evanston, Wyo there are very few of us left. Also the real kicker is that everyone is married or getting married to someone else in the group. Scott and Brooke married. Cameron and Kayla married. Conrad and Alex engaged. Chris married, with a kid. And now Tyler and Sarina engaged. There are still a few of us left, but the only one I still talk to is Shane and as far as I know we are just friends.
I consider myself very accomplished. I'm a hairdresser/stylist/nail tech, I graduated from esthetics school and just need to take my test to be a Master Esthetician. I've done a little traveling, moved out been on my own, done so many things that I wouldn't have been able to do if I settled down already. And I have a job where I will get to do more traveling, meet new people and have many more crazy adventures... when I finally leave.
I've been watching the show Being Erica lately and I love it. Erica is 32, still single, and recently fired. She meets this therapist who is able to send her back in time. She has the chance to change how she did things, and usually she learns that by changing things she is still the same person but has learned a lesson that she can apply to her life now. Its so true you have to learn from your past and not make the same mistakes.
Its been reminding me of myself of late. I've been thinking back on my life, wondering where I would be had I one through High School differently, had I dated James or Billy. Or even just this past year, Billy got home off his mission and I ran screaming the other way. I started dating David, but he wasn't the guy for me so it ended as fast as it started, these days if you're not interested they feel lead on if you keep going on dates. But I know that things happen for a reason and you just keep going along in life. Hopefully you learn something and grow stronger. Anyways Im getting off this soap box of mine with a song that I have grown to love. Most of you will recognize it, and right now it is how I feel.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Battleship and a night with Tamsyn

My cousin Arek and his wife Tamsyn, or Tami moved up to Logan this summer so that Arek could go to school at USU as he is gong to be an Engineer and they have a great program here. Anyways they were part of the group that I hung out with this summer. They saved me from studying and were just a blast to hang out with. Through them I met Jenny and Brynn who are also just dolls that I love to pieces.
Anyways, since moving up here Tami gets lonely with her friends not being up here and Arek working all the time. Arek happened to be down south today working concrete and Tami was lonely. She started texting me so I went over so she wasn't alone. We talked then decided to play Battleship, it was very fun! Tami enjoyed it because apparently Arek isn't that good and I gave her a run for her money.
Even though Arek wanted to watch, we put in Julie and Julia since it was late and Arek barely left his parents in Kaysville around 10ish. That was a great movie, different and not what I was expecting, but it was really good. It reminded me of Emily and Lindsay and when we end up cooking together... just throw things together and make something Deliciousness... or Tastiness... lol.
Thanks for a great night out Tami, and have fun in England.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

being domestic...

Sometimes I try to be domestic. I cook and clean, hoping to one day make a good wife... even tho I don't think gambling will be allowed... lol. (inside joke). So ever now and again I'll put a recipe on here if I've tried it and it was a success. So here is a brownie recipe that was really good at my work party tonight.


1/2 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder

3 tablespoons butter, softened
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup confectioners' sugar


1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour an 8 inch square pan.
2.In a large saucepan, melt 1/2 cup butter. Remove from heat, and stir in sugar, eggs, and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Beat in 1/3 cup cocoa, 1/2 cup flour, salt, and baking powder. Spread batter into prepared pan.
3.Bake in preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Do not overcook.
4.To Make Frosting: Combine 3 tablespoons butter, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 1 cup confectioners' sugar. Frost brownies while they are still warm.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh the fun of being young!

Me and my girls... Emily, Lindsay, Rachel, Veronica and Cessi, love to have fun. We like to play pranks... and the boys we play pranks on are retarded and never prank back. HAHA.

Some of the stuff we've done... Laxative Brownies... TP, HotDogs, & Saran Wrap... Tinfoil, Press&Seal, Canned Chicken... and most recently Window Chalk!
Oh talk about a fun night. At FHE we were talking to TJ and had him tell us what he thought of us. He was telling us whether we were deep or shallow and we were informing him that Cessi moved in just to stalk him better as his apartment is right behind Emily's. He found that funny, but couldn't remember our names. So on our way home we decided it was time for another prank.
Sad story as we sneak over to TJ's we find that his back fence doesn't have a gate! And the fence isn't quiet when you climb over. So as quietly as possible we climbed the fence. Saw that we could see through his blinds and TJ was laying on the couch watching a movie. Sadly the window chalk wasn't working so it was making squeaking noises, and we couldn't stop laughing. Cessi and Veronica both got their names written on the door when we saw TJ stand up, and let me tell you it was so much easier and quieter getting back over the fence!
Anyways we went and hid behind our fence for a bit then went back to finish. Only this time we went over one at a time. Emily went, then Lindsay, and I was last. I had barely wrote my name when TJ got up and started coming into the kitchen! Oh my everyone ran and I jumped the fence. We hid by the dumpster then ran to our fence and saw the blinds in TJ's door moving. He was standing there and we were sure he was watching us hide. Oh was it a good time!! Love you girls!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Roundabouts and Utahns

Roundabouts in Utah don't work... Utahns don't know how to use them.
So story time... In Logan they have had 1800 North closed for the past month and a half or so because they were continuing 200 East out to Smithfield. Yes a good idea but along with that came a roundabout that they said was going to traffic flow better. haha yeah right...
The past 2 days I myself have witnessed the stupidity of some people in Logan. Last night as I was headed west on 1800 north I went through the roundabout and then proceeded to watch someone headed north on 200 east, wanting to come west on 1800 north , totally ignore the roundabout, go into oncoming traffic, lucky no one was coming, and pretty much just use the intersection a 4 way intersection.
Today as I was headed east on 1800 north I came to the new roundabout and yielded as there was someone coming around. As I was patiently yielding to the person coming, I get confused as they slow down and stop... then proceed to wave me through!!! What they have the right of way, not me.
When you take drivers ed, I think they need to have a class solely devoted to roundabouts since people don't know what to do with them.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving vaca in New Mexico and the funny stories that come with it.

So for Thanksgiving this year we went to my Grandparents, my mom's parents, down in New Mexico, and oh my was it a good week!

There were so many funny things that happened. The drive wasn't too bad until the last hour or two, and then I got a cold. And was sick the whole time. So dad and I went to Wal-Mart when we were down there, got a few things. Dad wanted some peanut M&Ms and even tho I don't like peanuts he said I could have some, but he didn't want the peanuts back. So I sucked the chocolate off and since they were peanuts I decided to just spit them out the window... right after I did, a cop car drove up beside us... oops LOL.

Grandma and Grandpa's house was great, we had yummy food all week. And just lounged around. It was great :) then mom showed us her old schools and laughed at the Spirits in Wal-Mart... aka the alcohol isle

Oh! Oh! Oh! Then comes the drive home! It was amazing!
Tanner had to Pee! It was going to be awhile before the next bathroom so we were making sure he was going to make it or if we needed to stop alongside the road... Note: we had made fun of one guy who stopped along side the rode, headed the same way as us, he opened his door stepped out and went pee right there. He always said no to peeing on the side of the road.
Well Tanner kepting asking how long and I finally told him 5 hours was he going to make it? Yes he said, plus it was only like 5-10 mins. Well 2 miles out of Springerville, AZ, Tanner could no longer hold it and started crying to stop and he would pee on the road. It was HILarious!
Well we were somewhere in Arizona... I think. And Lexie had to use the bathroom, but she also didn't want to use th side of the road. I think my family has issues... LOL. Well she decided she couldn't wait anymore and when asked if she wanted us to stop she said YES. YES Please! So dad promptly pulled the van over and when Lexe looked out the window she said "nevermind, that bush won't cover me." And she decided to wait. Oh My was it a good time!
Then there was the time that Tanner got sick... why did I have to switch Lexie seats, I don't do so good with throwing up, I was dry heaving all over the place, surprised that I didn't add to the bag with Tanner, but no, I'm just sure I had a fever later that night. Anyways it was a great time! Love you Grandma and Grandpa!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Morgans Sweet 16

Happy Birthday Morgan!
I can't believe she is driving and dating!!! She's my baby sister and isn't really this old... it means that I really am old, no longer a teenager myself. How did this happen? LOL well I love ya sis :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The 3rd Date and The End.

So David and I talked a lot about everything on our dates and through texting. Anyways for our 3rd date David asked me to come keep him warm at the USU vs. Boise State football which was on Nov. 20, at 7:30 PM. I figured it was going to be a cold night!

David picked me up and we went to Jimmy Johns and split a sandwich then had to run back to my house to grab Emily's ID card that I forgot. We went to the game all prepared with hats, gloves, extra socks, coats and blankets. And as it turned out it was a warm night in the 50's! And although USU lost by 31 points it was a fun time. Afterwards we got back to my house and sat in the driveway in David’s car for almost 2 hours just talking.
Talking is the best way to get to know someone, you get to know what they are all about. The following day was not only Andy and Leza's 1 year anniversary but my cousin Brady got married that day down in SLC. So my family went down and that whole day I was kinda in a foul mood, not grouchy to anyone or mean, but just quiet and thinking. Although it finally hit me the next morning why I was that way. I realized that it was mine and David's talk.
The way he looks at things are not what I'm looking for, he is very mediocre in looking at things of the gospel, and the church. I'm not looking for the next apostle but I do want someone who is willing to take those callings and learn from them, not someone who complains about his current calling or thinks those 'bigger' callings are for Peter Priesthood. I'm not saying I want a Peter Priesthood, but I am looking for someone who has a great testimony and wants to continue to grow! I'm no where near perfect but I love learning more and growing, thats what callings and talking in church is for, to help you learn and grow.
I still like him, and one day he is going to make someone very happy, but he's just not the guy for me. I'm going to still keep looking.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A day with the Girls

Katie Berman and Maurina Rowley, two of the greatest girls I met while at Snow. Once upon a time Katie was my roommate and Maurina lived 2 apartments down, we were great friends and just spent hours hanging out and talking. Almost a year ago Maurina got married :) and now Katie is up here at USU. We don't see much of each other anymore with our crazy schedules but we got to squeaze in some time recently.
Katie and I went to lunch at Costa Vita and just talked it was so good, we talked about life, boys and where we are going. Maurina had class so we picked her up later and went to Caspers for ice cream and she caught us up on her and Sean and her family snce we knew most of them down at Snow. It was such a great time I loved it. Miss You Girls!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A second date

So I went on a second date with David on Tuesday. David served his mission in Brazil and on campus there was a Brazillian charity dinner of sorts and he got us tickets. He was so excited because it was going to be authentic food and he couldn't wait for me to try it.
We got to the alumni building and I see a bunch of people that I know. We're in line for food and are just having a good time talking and David apparently realizes its not as authentic as he was hoping. But he doesn't inform me quite yet. We grab the food and have a seat. The drink was red colored water, not the best at all, but atleast I enjoyed the food, I didn't know any different.
Anyways we got done and went back to his place and watched UP :) way cute movie if you haven't seen it yet I suggest it! We watch the movie and get talking afterwards and David starts saying something and then backs out. Well it was too late, I knew he was going to say something and have to know what. I keep bugging him and he finally tells me that he saw weavels in the seasoning we put on our food!!! OMG gross!!! I couldn't believe it! Talk about disguisting!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some fun new stuff!

So... I know everyone is dying to hear, well I think they are ppl seem pretty excited over facebook about it anyways :) So about a week and a half ago I met this guy at country swing dancing. Me and my old roommate, and one of my best friends ever, Lindsay try to go every week. We have some good friends there and its one of the only places that I meet new ppl since I'm not going to school right now and I work at the Elementary school... no one to really meet there.
Anyways, I usually don't meet many new ppl, Lindsay never just stands tho, she's always dancing! Love her to pieces. But this particular night was a lot of fun. I had a bunch of guys asking me to dance and it was fun. This one kid was here from Peru going to school, and he asked for my number and wanted to go out that weekend. I love different cultures ad everything don't get me wrong, but I kinda have issues if I can't understand someones broken english, so as fun as he seemed and cute, I was glad to be going toSt. George that weekend. But he got my number anyways.
Later that night as I was standing just enjoying the good music a guy asks me to dance. Well he apparently doesn't know that much, just learning and asks me to show him some stuff. This isn't my forte! I usually tell guys that i'm not a good teacher and after stuggling through a dance they leave. David happened to not care and just danced with me laughing the whole time. After the song was over he kept talking to me, just chatting, nothing that I even remember. Well he stayed by my side for the rest of the evening. Lindsay and I like a few of the line dances so when we were doing those David was great at attempting! He een made me attempt with him on one that I don't know, but since he was such a good sport I figured I better be too. Anyways he was way cute all night, he kept gabbng my hands and trying different things, he figured out 'the cuddle' and kept doing that over and over again it was way cute. It came time to go so we left and said our goodbyes and that was that.
I found out his last name at the church on Sunday and decided to look him up on facebook and I found him, but I couldn't bring myself to add him. Tuesday night for our IWA activity we were combining with an IMA chapter and they wanted to have a dating panel, just asking questions back and forth about dating so we agreed. Well these boys helped me out a lot, one thing they said they liked about girls is when they are bold... most guys are completely oblivious when a girl likes them, they said to ask for the guys number, that tells the guy that you are interested and they're more likely to do something. So I had my challenge... be bold, very difficult for me but something was going to happen.
David ended up not going dancing on wednesday so I decided to be bold since I couldn't shake him from my mind. I got home after dancing and got on facebook, I added him as a friend, putting a little note saying I missed him that night and I hd a ton of fun the week before. Well he accepted, commented on my status, and on friday sent me an email asking if I had any fun plans for the weekend, and to let him know. OH GOSH!!! it worked! Sad day for me my weekend was all booked, but my girls would understand me bailing on them for the football game to go instead with a boy! And ofcourse, they didn't mind at all.
Saturday, David picked me up around 12:30ish for the game... cold, and snowy, but perfect because together we could stay somewhat warm :) We then went to an early dinner at Pounders, a new hawaiian grill in Logan. Where we sat and talked some more (since we talked all through the game). He took me home around 6:30 where of course I got the 3rd degree from the family. Here is wht ws said between Lexie and I
Lexie: Did you have fun?
Me: Yes... (big grin)
Lexie: Did you kiss him?
Me: WHAT? Who do you think I am?
Lexie: You.
Me: What does that even mean?
Oh goodness, its a good thing I love her. Anyways there is going to be a 2nd date where we are going to watch UP, which I have found to be very HILarious! More details to come. Don't think anything is going to come from this, remember I am getting ready to leave for Hawaii, and he's going to Park City, plus as we talked yesterday, we both agree that Utahans are crazy getting engaged after only knowing each other for a short time. We both agree in dating and getting to know each other before committing to forever with someone.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend In St. George

So I went to St. George for the weekend with my Aunt Trudy and cousin Kiri.

Kiri got called to play on a soft ball team for a tournament. Kiri's own team is apparently pretty good but this team is better, according to Aunt Trudy and yes they were great!
Here's a few pictures of Kiri

They were doing so good... Undefeated! They were going to play the Championship game at 12:30 sat. night... technically Sunday morning, this league isn't suppose to play on Sunday but they felt this was ok. Well they ended up being 2 games behind by 12:30 so we didn't ply until 2:00 am! then the losing team won the first game and with this being a true champion or whatever its called they had to play another game, this one at 3:30 am! crazy!! With it being so late, the girls were all tired, but they lost the 2nd game too, very sad. But still great job girls!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend and BBI

So the weekend started out finishing cleaning and moving houses... pure craziness! Then we went to The Stadium to watch Morgan and the Sky View band do their final performance for the Marching Band season. (sorry the video won't load... try facebook to see it) but here's a pic

Then I got homeand craved Tanners pumpkin and jumped in the shower. I wasgetting ready for a great night! me and my girls dressed up as an 80's rock band... our name Kiss and Tell :)

We are named as such... (right to left) Emily was Kiss in Color. Veronica was Sammie. Lindsay was NCMO aka NonComittalMakeOut. And Me... Pucker Up. We went trick or treating around my parents neighborhood, where we would sing I Saw the Sign... Ace of Base when they opened the door. We then proceded to our bishops house. We were talking to him for a bit, laughing about our costumes. We were telling him the band name and then our individual names which he liked and said that he liked them... Our ward needed more lip action! Oh how we love our bishop! I'm going to miss him when I'm gone, but they'll be released soon also. Very sad, they are all amazing.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


So its Halloween Eve, not my all time favorite holiday but in the top 4. And I have the greatest friends ever, 2 of which I lived with for 6 months, Lindsay, Emily, and Veronica. We get in a lot of trouble together... the good kind of trouble that is just pure craziness!
Tonight was the first Aggie Basketball Exhibition game, which for the Aggies is just practice, the ending score was 85-51 and there is no reason why we left early to beat the rush and go to Casper's for ice cream :)
Randomly I still get YSA (young single adult) mail at my parents house, sometimes it comes in handy. Up until a few years ago the Institute held a Halloween Dance called the Scream, they did this separate from USU's Howl because it got too scandalous, but USU has asked they to help clean up the Howl by coming back with them. Well I got a postcard in the mail for YSA, they tried to take over the Scream, calling it the Yell, but it wasn't the same. It was tonight and if you couldn't tell we didn't go. But they were also involved with Green Canyon Corn Maze and you could get in for $2. I remembered that Veronica had been wanting to go to a corn maze so I mentioned that it was a deal tonight and that we should go, on our way there I remembered that it's haunted on the weekends, especially since tomorrow is Halloween. Oh well, there was 4 of us so it was going to be fun. Lindsay grabbed a map and we headed in :) sad for the people scaring us, some of them were disappointed when it didn't work, then they followed us! The girls laughed at me when I informed them that we had cute Butts and they just wanted to watch them. But it was fun and we made some new scary friends who pointed the way out!
We then went back to the apartment where we put in the Disney version of Robin Hood, Emily and I fell asleep on the couch (her squishing me... don't worry I loved it, we have a lot of roomie love) Lindsay fell asleep on the chair and Veronica eventually said it was time for bed. Oh I love my girls!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reading Aide sub

So as of right now I've been working at North Park and Millville Elementary schools as a substitute Reading Aide... and surprisingly I love it. This really does surprise me. I use to think that teaching of any kind to kids under Highschool age was pure crazy, but I truely love it. Not enough that I would ever go to school to become an ElEd teacher, but enough that I would consider doing this again in the future.
Little kids are so cute, I just love them to pieces. I go in and at North Park they all know that I am Mrs. Jenkins daughter and Tanner's sister and they all say hi, and give me hugs. Its great. They also told mom the other day that she couldn't come with me on the cruise ship because they still needed a teacher.
Today was crazy hair day at the school and it was a little weird doing it since it has been 3 years since I even considered doing that back in HS. But it was fun seeing all the kids faces as we came into the rooms, they were so excited to see us being crazy with them. Tomorrow is PJ day... now that one isn't hard at all, personally I wish it was PJ day everyday.
I'm really going to miss these kids after I'm gone. Just subbing or seeing them every few days has been fun, it gives me something to look forward to every morning.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Eyes See the Present, and My Mind Paints the Future

So about a year ago or so my mom started her blog and decided to encourage me to write my own blog. Well as you can see that didn't happen, I told her that I had nothing interesting to blog about, I'm not the one to write online about the random stuff I do, from dates to pranks. I was just working hanging out. I told her that when I got serious with someone, engaged, married, maybe I would start one then. Sorry everyone that has not happened. I'm not dating anyone or do I plan on getting married anytime soon.
But I do have a new adventure that I am about to embark on. And if you don't know yet, you'll have to wait just a bit, I want to explain what has got me here in my life.
Ever since I was in Cosmetology school I thought it would be amazing, awesome to work on a cruise line in the spa. Sadly my instructors felt to discourage this, that you had to go to massive training in London, learn everything over, and that it was not the life that you wanted. Being only a year out of high school, still at home with my family, and not really know what I wanted yet I decided to listen to them and not look into anymore. I got my Cosmo license and worked at a cute little salon here in Logan. After doing that for awhile I felt something in my life missing, that I wasn't getting the life experiences I needed as a young adult.
I decided to give college a shot and got into Snow College down in Ephraim, Utah. Oh goodness was that a good time! I loved the people I met and for the most part my classes were great. I loved the time I had down there, although I did learn that as much as loved the college social life, I didn't like wasn't for me. So at the end of the semester with everything I learned and new friends gained, I moved back into my parents in Logan. I took some time to find a new singles/student ward that I liked and Gary soon to be graduating came with me.
I found the ward, they were amazing, so friendly and I was meeting new people, it was like I had a family that in my other student/singles ward I never had but everyone always spoke of. The only thing was that I was still at my parents, and I so wanted to be out on my own again. They were really cracking down in the stake to go to the ward you were suppose to, so as I started looking for an apartment I was trying to find one in the boundaries as I wasn't in them. And then I found it, the best apartment with the best roommates. and I lived there with Emily and Lindsay for 6 months.
Then for spring break me and my friend Valerie decided to go on a cruise, they were running a great deal and it was being organized so that we were going with a bunch of people from USU so we'd have friends there. It was great, we had so much fun, now that I look back I see that some of the things we did on that trip weren't the smartest, but we survived, you can only do those crazy things as young singles and it truly was fun. But being on that cruise ship reaffirmed to me that I once wanted to be working on one.
As I got home and was back to work I started thinking again my life was in another rut, I had a good paying job but with the way the economy had turned I was getting fewer and fewer hours and I didn't want to be stuck at MasterCuts forever so I decided to go back to school and get my Master Esthetics license. For those who don't know that goes along with my Cosmo license but deals more in depth with skin care. I got into school down in SLC and only had to go for 4 months.
I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle for the summer and enjoyed almost every minute of school. It was definitely a learning experience. I had planned to stay there all summer except for the few long weekends when I would come home. Well that didn't happen, too much was going on here in Logan and I came home all the time. It was just too much fun. But something happened while I was at school, I let everyone know my plans, to get on a cruise ship spa, and you wanna now what... everyone encouraged me! they were amazing, great and one instructor, Susan was so helpful, she gave me the email of a girl who had done it and was so helpful to tell me how to interview with them, get in contact right away. I am so grateful to her, everything she told me was so helpful.
I finished school with some baggage that I don't want to go into right here and now but it put me in a tight spot, I moved back in with my parents and needed to find a job but didn't want to get into a spa where I was planning on leaving as I had an interview with Steiner on Oct. 1st in Vegas. I had been talking to a lady through email since June or July and it was all set. I had ask all my girlfriends if they wanted to make a girls weekend out of it, but with their school schedules they didn't know what was going on yet so mom was going to fly down with me. It ended up that all my siblings were out of school that week so we made a family vacation out of it and had a ton of fun! It was great.
Morgan was my model for the interview where I had to cut, blow dry, and style her hair. During the presentation they gave all they talked about was going to London to train and how expensive it was going to be, that worried me a little, but it was going to be worth it. When I was talking to them during the trade interview they mentioned Hawaii as a training center as well. I felt really good about the whole thing, but you never know. They said it was going to be 7-10 days till we heard back through email. On the 12th I hadn't heard anything so I emailed the lady I had been talking to and she emailed back saying they hadn't gotten the paperwork back from the Vegas interview. What?!?! It had been a week and a half! I was getting frustrated and annoyed, I had jobs come up that I could apply for here, but didn't want to say yes and then back down. It was intense. But on Wednesday the 14th, 2 weeks after the interview I got an email. In it was the great news that I was hired and that i would be going to Hawaii to train! The good thing about going to Hawaii is that it is cheaper, they pay for so much stuff! It was an answer to my prayers! While I go to training for 2-8 weeks I get paid, they pay my way to Hawaii, they reimburse me for my work permits, and then they place me on a ship, possibly in the islands, or anywhere in the world where I will spend 8-9 months, and then I get a 2 week paid vacation and a few more weeks to hang out before I sign up for another contract for 7-8 months. This is my new adventure that I will start in the next few weeks.
In a way its my mission, I had always thought about going, but the timing never works, God says its not time, and ever since I decided to go back to school everything has fallen into place, this is the plan God has in store for me. Its going to be a hard one but I have God to help me through it. As they were talking they said that you become really close with your coworkers, going to the bars and clubs after work and hanging out on land on your day off, right away I"m going to stand out, I like clubs, but no bumpin and grindin for me, bars are ok, but I order water and soda. Even being on a cruise I dress a lot differently, way more covered than most. Its going to be a great time, a great learning experience, and I hope to touch the lives of those around. Your prayers are greatly appreciated at this time, I'll keep you updated on where I am and what I'm doing. Come on this adventure with me while I PAINT MY FUTURE.