Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Happy!

I love girl nights!!! Just going over to my old apartment where I'm considered by everyone the sudo-roommate since I'm over there all the time but I don't always sleepover.

Anyways all my girls left for the holidays... Lindsay to Kansas for 4 weeks. Emily to Riverton for 4 weeks, Cessi to Missouri for 2 weeks, and Veronica to Roosevelt for 1 week. This last year I've realized how much I depend on these girls as well as my family. They are my life and I love them all dearly. This summer living in Kaysville at my Uncle Tom's house was so fun and a great experience, but I found very quickly that not coming up on the weekend threw off my whole week. School was great, but the people there weren't the greatest and they would pull me down to their level. Almost all of them had an LDS background, but none of them lived it anymore. They are all great people but not ones that I would hangout with after school. It was so nice and refreshing coming up to Logan every weekend and getting that life and spirit back.

This holiday with my girls gone I've been stuck at home with pretty much nothing to do, I'm not a big gamer so when Santa brought our family a Wii for Christmas it didn't really phase me. But I got Burn Notice Season 2 so I holed up in my room for a few days. Also once you come of a certain age its hard coming back to your parents house... even worse, getting rid of your car and having to ask to borrow one of your parents.

But Cessi is back!!! And we hung out tonight. It was so good catching up since as she was gone she acquired a new boyfriend who is in our ward and lives right behind Emily's house in Yorkshire Village... the house we window chalked a few weeks ago after FHE. But just talking and chatting made my day. Her fun story and excitement over TJ rubbed off on me and I can't stop smiling. Its so great.

Love you guys :)

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