Thursday, March 18, 2010

DAY 4 road trip with MOM!

Woke up in Seatte this morning, and lucky for us they are in a drought! No rain for oh... a couple days! Yeah, anyways that makes it a nice sunny day outside with a slight breeze.
Started the day with a very cute guy helping us out at the front desk. We were trying to figure out the car situation and getting downtown. They were very helpful and let us keep the car there all day while we took the Light Rail uptown, for a minute we were really confused, not knowing where stuff was and what ticket to buy. But finally a security guy came over and helped us out. We bought a ticket round trip to the West Lake station and back, and then from there we would take the Monorail to the Space Needle, plus we could get off and on the Light Rail as needed. While looking at our maps we decided it was best to get off at the Pioneer Square Station first.
Making our first stop, Seattle's Underground tour, where we learned about the Seattle fire, and some of the scandelous life that Seattle had to offer. It was so interesting, to learn about the history of Seattle, how the city got started, the corupt government they had, and then the fire that burned the city down, which was the best thing that could have happened. But it made life interesting for a while until they decided what to with the street and "1st story" levels of the stores, as they were really more like basements. Our tour guide was amazing, and luckily we got away from the little kids that were there, but not being conrolled by their parents.
From there we found the Elliott Bay Cafe (EBC) made famous by the TV show Frasier. Not as cool as we expected... Plus not really hungry so we went to find the Light Rail again. We were walking up the street this older guy starts talking to us and following us up the street telling us about himself... both mom and I realize that all he really wants from us is money so we just keep walking trying to ignore him and he finally just flat out asks and we say no. Anyways we found the station and got back on, although we were at the wrong station! we would be heading back to Tacoma! I realize this and we hurry off the train before we get stuck.
We then ask for directions and get headed in the right direction.
We get more into town and window shop for a bit. Its so cool being a big city where everyone is walking around and enjoying the outdoors and nice weather. We then walk down to the Public Market where there is so much stuff, it reminded me of the markets I saw down in Mexico last year... we don't have those in Utah and its kinda sad. We walk out to the bay and got some good shots of the water.
Back up the street we go, headed to the Monorail to go to the Space Needle, on our way up we watch a guy drop some fries out of his hand onto the road, he then proceeds to bend over, pick them up, I'm thinking... wow people don't do that anymore, pick up their garbage I mean, well I thought he was going to throw the fries away... I was wrong, he puts them in his mouth!! Gross. Well we make it to the Monorail, and up to the Space Needle. We didn't pay to go up to the top as am sure it is a great view, just didn't feel the need. Plus I plan to go back one day so I plan to do that next time.
This next adventure wasn't planned that well. We didn't want a 12-14 hour drive on Friday so we decided to book a room in Pendleton, but didn't realize how long it would take in Seattle. Well we finally got back to the hotel around 9. Luckily we were already all packed in the car so we just needed to head out, and grab some food. We stopped by the Seattle Temple on the way and got some nice night shots, but due to the lack of light in the night sky didn't get to see the cool bridge that apparently gets you there, again will see that my next trip. During this drive I'm sure we missed some gorgeous sights, and it seemed to take way longer than we thought, we didn't get to the hotel till 2 AM! and when we got to our room, it only had one bed! I had double checked, and there were suppose to be two, especially for that price, we should have just stayed in Seattle!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DAY 3 road trip with Mom!

Again we woke up Portland OR today. But the destination was Seattle WA.

First we stopped at Trader Joe’s to stock up on plantain chips, a new favorite snack, a bottle of Pomegranate juice, and Organic milk chocolate J. Aunt T said to stop at Finnegan’s Toy store, so we did and found the coolest thing for Tanner, I can’t wait till he sees it.

On the way out of town we crossed the Columbia River! Oh I love bridges, they are so cool, fun to photograph, fun to look at, walk over, drive over, anything, they are just amazing! So after crossing the bridge we went off the freeway to find a great place to take some pictures. And found exactly where I was looking for. It was great.

Driving down the road. Wondering what to do when we got to Seattle, and then we were in Olympia! Washington’s Capitol and we could see the Capitol Building… another detour. Since that’s what this whole trip is about, no real plans, ideas things we want to do, but do what we want, when we want, and plans change. So we went up to the capitol building and took pictures, and a little walk, stretching our legs.

Getting to Seattle we found the hotel and looked into finding a pub to eat at. With it being St. Patrick’s Day, and being part Irish, with red hair and everything we felt it appropriate to eat at an Irish pub. We found The Bull Pen, just up the road from the hotel so we decided to walk. Mom didn’t listen very well and we walked .9 miles to the pub. But it was good, because then we had to walk back as well. This is good, getting exercise since we are sitting in Ellie so much. Now we are just chilling at the hotel, worn out from all the stuff we’ve done, and so much driving! It’s very tiring.

Tomorrow we are going to spend most of the day here in Seattle going on the underground tour, seeing Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and going to Anthropologie. Then spending the night in Pendleton and going on a tour in Pendleton Friday morning before heading home.

Make sure you're making waves behind you from all your adventures!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DAY 2 on the Road Trip

Woke up in Portland OR this morning! So fun, I love vacations, especially when there are no set plans, just flying by the seat of our pants here.

On the agenda today was The Dalles, Multnomah Falls, Trader Joe’s, and the Temple.

Got up and went to Trader Joe’s. OMG Aunt T has us hooked, great atmosphere, fun stuff, and so simple, no bells and whistles there. Very green lifestyle here in Oregon, I could totally move here in a heartbeat.

Next we went to the Portland Temple. Have you ever seen it? I thought it was just white, but its marble, and so unique! Driving down the freeway you can barely see it off to the side, and then its there and then its gone. You get off the freeway and head over and you can’t see it tell you are right there. It’s surrounded by trees and trees and trees, such beautiful lands. Although it is cold with the wind blowing, but so worth walking around the grounds.

Off to The Dalles. We were hoping to take a tour of the lock and dam, but they didn’t do tours anymore. Sad day, but they had an old Gothic/Catholic church that we went to. So amazing! Its so cool to see this religion after being at our temple. Such a different feeling. Not being able to go in the Portland Temple to going here and walking right in and snapping picture after picture. Seeing the baptismal font… which is just a sculpture with a bowl inside with ‘Holy Water’. Interesting!

Multnomah Falls! OMG! So beautiful! So worth the trip up here! But oh so cold! Got some great pictures. Then mad at the sign… it lies. It said it was .2 miles to the bridge, and 1 mile to the top of the falls. Well its actually 1 mile after you get to the bridge so we actually walked 1 ¼ miles to the top of the falls, then you can’t even see the bottom of the falls. But still so pretty, such a gorgeous walk, and view when you get up there.

Back into Portland and back to the temple to get some night shots. Again so gorgeous!

Now for some food. Figured we’d go back to the hotel and find something around there. Well there wasn’t anything close! It was ridiculous trying to find something. And we probably drove for 30 minutes to finally find a Jack-in-the-Box and got dinner. We got to the hotel and ate, then for a nice soak in the hot tub. The falls had chilled us to the bone! All the mist, and that water, the slight wind, it was so cold!! The hot tub was so nice and then to bed, I was worn out. But so much fun.

Hope you're making it fun where ever you are!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Road Trip with MOM!!

So its was off to Pasco again to pick up my TWIC card... which for those who have no idea what that is like I didn't... this is a Security Clearance card that allows me to go in and out of Ports by myself, no escort needed. W made it to the Enrollment Center before it closed so that is now picked up and we are on vacation! Staying in Portland tonight and onto more fun stuff tomorrow, but first we did have some adventures on the road!

Our last trip I forgot to tell you... *and as a side note our family uses the phrase 'Oh dear' a lot!

Driving past Tremonton, UT on I-84 west through the canyon, I notice a deer has jumped onto the road, know deer aren't the brightest of animals, I push the brake to slow down, not wanting to run into the deer, with Ellie, she wouldn't like it. The deer jumps onto I-84 east where a truck is coming, I could see that the truck slowed down and the deer jumped out of his way, but at the last minute the deer jumped back and fur went EVERYWHERE!!! and the deer was down! Oh wait, it jumped up and bounded off the road! I was speechless! but mom wasn't, 'Oh dear' was what she had to say! 'Mom!' So for the past few weeks we have cracked up anytime anyone says OH DEER! because all we think of is that suicidal deer.

Well on this trip there was a hawk in the barpit, (the ditch along side the road) and as we are driving, again down the freeway, this hawk picks up something and flies back toward our road, but he's not gaining altitude! I scream, mom screams, and it wasn't for ice cream, that hawk almost took out my windshield!!! our new saying for the trip in now Oh Hawk!, I don't know what it is with us and suicidal animals, but oh man, leave me and my car, Ellie alone!

Even though it was dark driving along the Columbia River Gorge tonight I could tell it was pretty, so much trees, the rocks/cliffs were amazing! I can’t wait to go back up that way tomorrow to see Multnomah Falls, The Dalles, and just the gorge itself!

Road trips are the best, traveling in general is just amazing, its something that I will always enjoy. Now with my family, soon on a ship by myself, and one day with the love of my life and our family! God has made this beautiful world for us to experience... Go and See for yourself!

Happy Travels everyone!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bigger & Better

Hi, we're playing the game Bigger and Better, do have anything bigger and or better than this paper clip that you would be willing to trade?

This was the activity Thursday night when we grouped together with the IMA group. We split up into groups, making sure all us girls were divided up, I was with Scott and Scott, at least it wasn't hard remembering the names. One of them is actually in my Evidences of the Book of Mormon class taught by Brother Woolstenhulm on Mondays and Wednesdays. It was so fun, we ended up getting a brand new pair of farm work boots! Yeah the tag was still on and everything! Here is what we traded:

paper clip


Shrek 2 party mix cd


Our group didn't win but we thought it was pretty cool. Afterwards we were just mingling, and Scott (the one not in my class) got my number and we're going to go out after Spring Break sometime.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And The War Is On!

HAHAHA! So, as you read my posts and come to know me... you know I LOVE pulling pranks... and it makes it so much fun when people dish it back.
My girlfriends and I have been tying to come up with a good prank to pull on our friends and I came across a rather good one. Orajel on the toothbrush! Before you know what is going on your whole mouth is numb!! The only problem s getting to their toothbrushes as they are in the upstairs bathroom of their house... we don't go upstairs. So the trick now is going to be getting into their house while they are gone. The trick itself is not getting into the house, but knowing when they are gone as they usually take the bus to school leaving the cars there, this makes it hard to tell if they are actually gone or not.

Anyways, not being able to pull this great prank on them yet made me bored. So after telling my family about it I decided to pull the prank on Morgan and Lexie. A couple days later I ask Lexie about brushing her teeth and the light went DING! "I thought something was weird!" she exclaimed at me. Oh I couldn't stop laughing.

The following day after I get home from a great Aggie Basketball game I'm getting ready for bed talking to the fam. I have a weird habit of running my toothbrush over my teeth before I put toothpaste on it, well it tasted funny, for a minute I thought it just had hairspray residue on it, then my mouth started getting all tingly... LEXIE!! You Dork!!! While she was getting ready that morning she saw the orajel tube and thought it would be funny to put some on my toothbrush! Too bad for her I caught it before I totally brushed my teeth which would have resulted in my mouth going numb for 5 minutes or so.

At least she can handle taking it if she's going to dish it right back... the War is now on... pictures will soon be posted after I get her again! MUAH HAHA!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Airsofting and a blind date!

My really good friend Mandy Walker has decided to go on a Mission, and she goes into the MTC in 7 days! Oh gosh, she is going to be such an amazing missionary! Anyways I wasn't able to make her home ward farewell but we so needed to hang out before she left. After talking she told me to come down the following weekend, and she was talking in her singles ward. So it was decided that I'd go down on Saturday and we could hang for the whole weekend.

I decided to text Mandy on Friday to double check that it was still cool for me to come down. Of course it was, although she forgot and had planned a group date with her sisters. Well I could come down later, or on Sunday no big deal. But no, she was like, you should come down still, we'll find you a date and you can come along! Can I tell you how much I dislike blind dates! I think I've only ever had 1 good blind date...(this one makes it 1 1/2).

So they find me a date. I get to the Walker house Saturday around 3pm and the date is set for 4pm. I'm informed that we are going Airsofting... any of you that don't know... airsoft's are guns that shoot pellets that are a little softer that BB's. Personally not a fan of getting shot at, but hey why not, it'll be interesting to say the least. Their dates all show up and we start loading up on ammo. My date isn't there yet, Dave texts him and he's finishing watching the BYU game :( sad day, he bleeds the wrong blue. We figure out we don't have enough guns so Mandy and I go to Wal-Mart to get another one.

We get back close to 5pm and my date is there, yay, his name as John, he was tall, cute, he gave me a hug, and oh man did he smell good! Bring on the guns, lets get this party started! So we head outside and have a war, girls against guys... Man those pellets hurt! But it was so much fun.

When it got dark and we have just starting shooting anyone, and couldn't see out of the sunglasses anymore we went inside for dinner. BBQ chicken, potatoes, and rolls. YUMMY. Well after dinner we decided to go the Olympic oval for some ice skating... there was a YSA activity going on so it was free. Well my date had already made plans for later that evening as he was just informed of the Airsofting so he had to leave.

We got to the rink and were in line to get skates when we run into my date returning his skates... he gave me a hug... YUM... and said his plans were meeting here with friends and now they were headed to a movie. But we had a good time skating, keeping Dave from crashing as last time he went skating 5 years earlier he fell and shattered his jaw. Then watched Secondhand Lions back at the Walkers with a great slice of pie.

After church on Sunday I'm talking to Jess about guys and our date and I get the greatest story from her...

Apparently they hadn't first set me up with John... My original date Sterling had canceled by texting Jess at noon on Saturday! His excuse... my sister is having her baby sometime around 4-5 so I can't make it... ok but why does he have to be there? Sorry bros... you're not invited to me having kids, you an come see me the next day! Jess was at school so she couldn't find me a date and Mandy was stressing over her talk. Their mom Debbie said to call Dave and have him get me a date, good idea, it was done. One problem with Dave having this assignment... he told John that a group of people were getting together to play Airsoft... he didn't know he was on a date till he showed up at Mandy's house! which then explains why he was texting all night and then had to leave with plans already made!

At least it made a great story, and it wasn't even a bad one, this is definitely on the good list, at least half way.