Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DAY 3 road trip with Mom!

Again we woke up Portland OR today. But the destination was Seattle WA.

First we stopped at Trader Joe’s to stock up on plantain chips, a new favorite snack, a bottle of Pomegranate juice, and Organic milk chocolate J. Aunt T said to stop at Finnegan’s Toy store, so we did and found the coolest thing for Tanner, I can’t wait till he sees it.

On the way out of town we crossed the Columbia River! Oh I love bridges, they are so cool, fun to photograph, fun to look at, walk over, drive over, anything, they are just amazing! So after crossing the bridge we went off the freeway to find a great place to take some pictures. And found exactly where I was looking for. It was great.

Driving down the road. Wondering what to do when we got to Seattle, and then we were in Olympia! Washington’s Capitol and we could see the Capitol Building… another detour. Since that’s what this whole trip is about, no real plans, ideas things we want to do, but do what we want, when we want, and plans change. So we went up to the capitol building and took pictures, and a little walk, stretching our legs.

Getting to Seattle we found the hotel and looked into finding a pub to eat at. With it being St. Patrick’s Day, and being part Irish, with red hair and everything we felt it appropriate to eat at an Irish pub. We found The Bull Pen, just up the road from the hotel so we decided to walk. Mom didn’t listen very well and we walked .9 miles to the pub. But it was good, because then we had to walk back as well. This is good, getting exercise since we are sitting in Ellie so much. Now we are just chilling at the hotel, worn out from all the stuff we’ve done, and so much driving! It’s very tiring.

Tomorrow we are going to spend most of the day here in Seattle going on the underground tour, seeing Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and going to Anthropologie. Then spending the night in Pendleton and going on a tour in Pendleton Friday morning before heading home.

Make sure you're making waves behind you from all your adventures!

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tawnya said...

I'll make sure I have some chilled glasses on stand by for this weekend...mouth watering for limeade even as we speak...