Sunday, March 7, 2010

And The War Is On!

HAHAHA! So, as you read my posts and come to know me... you know I LOVE pulling pranks... and it makes it so much fun when people dish it back.
My girlfriends and I have been tying to come up with a good prank to pull on our friends and I came across a rather good one. Orajel on the toothbrush! Before you know what is going on your whole mouth is numb!! The only problem s getting to their toothbrushes as they are in the upstairs bathroom of their house... we don't go upstairs. So the trick now is going to be getting into their house while they are gone. The trick itself is not getting into the house, but knowing when they are gone as they usually take the bus to school leaving the cars there, this makes it hard to tell if they are actually gone or not.

Anyways, not being able to pull this great prank on them yet made me bored. So after telling my family about it I decided to pull the prank on Morgan and Lexie. A couple days later I ask Lexie about brushing her teeth and the light went DING! "I thought something was weird!" she exclaimed at me. Oh I couldn't stop laughing.

The following day after I get home from a great Aggie Basketball game I'm getting ready for bed talking to the fam. I have a weird habit of running my toothbrush over my teeth before I put toothpaste on it, well it tasted funny, for a minute I thought it just had hairspray residue on it, then my mouth started getting all tingly... LEXIE!! You Dork!!! While she was getting ready that morning she saw the orajel tube and thought it would be funny to put some on my toothbrush! Too bad for her I caught it before I totally brushed my teeth which would have resulted in my mouth going numb for 5 minutes or so.

At least she can handle taking it if she's going to dish it right back... the War is now on... pictures will soon be posted after I get her again! MUAH HAHA!!

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