Thursday, March 18, 2010

DAY 4 road trip with MOM!

Woke up in Seatte this morning, and lucky for us they are in a drought! No rain for oh... a couple days! Yeah, anyways that makes it a nice sunny day outside with a slight breeze.
Started the day with a very cute guy helping us out at the front desk. We were trying to figure out the car situation and getting downtown. They were very helpful and let us keep the car there all day while we took the Light Rail uptown, for a minute we were really confused, not knowing where stuff was and what ticket to buy. But finally a security guy came over and helped us out. We bought a ticket round trip to the West Lake station and back, and then from there we would take the Monorail to the Space Needle, plus we could get off and on the Light Rail as needed. While looking at our maps we decided it was best to get off at the Pioneer Square Station first.
Making our first stop, Seattle's Underground tour, where we learned about the Seattle fire, and some of the scandelous life that Seattle had to offer. It was so interesting, to learn about the history of Seattle, how the city got started, the corupt government they had, and then the fire that burned the city down, which was the best thing that could have happened. But it made life interesting for a while until they decided what to with the street and "1st story" levels of the stores, as they were really more like basements. Our tour guide was amazing, and luckily we got away from the little kids that were there, but not being conrolled by their parents.
From there we found the Elliott Bay Cafe (EBC) made famous by the TV show Frasier. Not as cool as we expected... Plus not really hungry so we went to find the Light Rail again. We were walking up the street this older guy starts talking to us and following us up the street telling us about himself... both mom and I realize that all he really wants from us is money so we just keep walking trying to ignore him and he finally just flat out asks and we say no. Anyways we found the station and got back on, although we were at the wrong station! we would be heading back to Tacoma! I realize this and we hurry off the train before we get stuck.
We then ask for directions and get headed in the right direction.
We get more into town and window shop for a bit. Its so cool being a big city where everyone is walking around and enjoying the outdoors and nice weather. We then walk down to the Public Market where there is so much stuff, it reminded me of the markets I saw down in Mexico last year... we don't have those in Utah and its kinda sad. We walk out to the bay and got some good shots of the water.
Back up the street we go, headed to the Monorail to go to the Space Needle, on our way up we watch a guy drop some fries out of his hand onto the road, he then proceeds to bend over, pick them up, I'm thinking... wow people don't do that anymore, pick up their garbage I mean, well I thought he was going to throw the fries away... I was wrong, he puts them in his mouth!! Gross. Well we make it to the Monorail, and up to the Space Needle. We didn't pay to go up to the top as am sure it is a great view, just didn't feel the need. Plus I plan to go back one day so I plan to do that next time.
This next adventure wasn't planned that well. We didn't want a 12-14 hour drive on Friday so we decided to book a room in Pendleton, but didn't realize how long it would take in Seattle. Well we finally got back to the hotel around 9. Luckily we were already all packed in the car so we just needed to head out, and grab some food. We stopped by the Seattle Temple on the way and got some nice night shots, but due to the lack of light in the night sky didn't get to see the cool bridge that apparently gets you there, again will see that my next trip. During this drive I'm sure we missed some gorgeous sights, and it seemed to take way longer than we thought, we didn't get to the hotel till 2 AM! and when we got to our room, it only had one bed! I had double checked, and there were suppose to be two, especially for that price, we should have just stayed in Seattle!

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