Friday, February 25, 2011

Its Been Too Long!

Oh My!!!! I'm sorry, I've been so horrible! Life has been so amazingly rad that I forget to update all you who follow this! If you are ever missing me, send me an email, or a comment and I'll post. Although I am going to try and be better.
It is late though so I will catch you up this weekend. Some things to watch for..

  • The weekend in Boise... Polar Bear
  • Thanksgiving
  • Temple Square
  • I'm going to be an AUNT!
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Weekend in Provo
  • Andy took me on a date
  • I took Andy on a date
  • Lindsay got engaged!
  • Weekend in St. George

Wow... that is a lot I haven't updated! K we'll do this one day at a time... LOL. Especially since here in 13 days I will have another rad adventure... Going to Moab for Spring Break. Right after that mom and I are going to the Green Pig Pub for St. Patrick's Day. Alright stay posted and if needed send me a message!