Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Position!

So if you didn't know already...
I work at Cookie Cutters Salon. Its a hair salon for kids. They come in and pick out a movie or PlayStation game that they can watch/play while we do their hair. This works surprisingly well for 'distracting' them and helps them hold still for the most part (expect for those who are use to the Wii. LOL). They also get to sit in a car or airplane (little carnival ride 'toys') which also makes the experience more exciting to them.
Even though this helps a lot we still have screamers who just don't enjoy getting their hair cut, but its not as often like when I have been at other salons.
Anyway, our Assistant Manager and her husband have decided to take the opportunity to move down south where they will house sit her sisters house while they are out of the country. This made that management position open and Brenda (owner) opened it up to the stylists here. I let her know that I would be interested in that, and a week later she called me up to let me know that if I still wanted the position it was mine to have. I of course accepted. I'm so grateful for this because it guarantees my hours, and I should be getting a raise... if not I will mention to her that I feel for the extra responsibility I should get one. But just having the guaranteed hours is a great blessing in my life right now.
I love doing hair and it will always be more than just a job to me, its a hobby. I love the way it makes people feel after giving them a new look, or even just shaping up their old one. And here at this salon the little kids love getting it done as well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Epic Weekend Ahead!

So not a whole lot has happened since the Cedar/Zions Fall Break trip. Just the occasional Scatterball night, or random late night movie at Nate's. Jared, my cousin, did end up coming up to hang with us at the Haunted Labs up on campus which was lame, but he did meet Julie again and they have really hit it off, so we'll see how that goes. Found out Nate thought I was trying to 'get away' from them cuddling when I used his shoulder as a pillow... wasn't trying to get away I was honestly sleeping and slept through most of The Dark Knight. 
Then last weekend we saw Megamind! It was the best movie I have yet to see in 3D! it was totally rad. Then we went back to Nate's and put in The Illusionist where I fell asleep on Brazilian Matt. Then the next night was way random and we ended up at Nate's again only Nate wasn't there and we hung out with Matt, and then the other Matt Baker came home and we put in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and I again fell asleep on Brazilian Matt. Oh my, maybe I shouldn't watch movies over there anymore... haha yeah right.
This weekend we are headed to Boise and McCall Idaho for what they call... The Polar Bear Strut. The boys are going to go do the Hokie Pokie in a freezing cold lake at the boy scout camp where they all use to work at. Lindsay and I  #1 don't want to join in since we've both been so sick recently, and #2 aren't allowed to get in by orders of Nate. But we will then go to an indoor hot tub and pool while they warm up and chill for awhile there. Its going to be another epic adventure in my book. I'll be sure to post pics after we get back!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cedar City and Zions/Birch Hollow

My friend Ashley had been begging me to come down and visit her in Cedar City for month, but life is so crazy I couldn't just stop and head down there, but fall break was coming up and I decided I would just go then. The girls decided it'd be fun and we'd all go together. Plus Julie had a friend down there she wanted to see as well. It was planned and we left Friday morning. Julie had just got off her grave shift so we put her in the back of her own car and told her to sleep. We stopped in Provo for some lunch at In-N-Out, as usual the place was super packed. We then continued south with Julie in the back sleeping again, since she apparently didn't really sleep earlier. We made to Cedar and went over to Ashley's where we unloaded the car and decided what we were going to do for the evening. The plan was to go bowling where Julie's friend Julie met up with us, and we had a great game of Skittle bowling...

After bowling we decided to run to Walmart to grab some supplies/food for the next day, and we called Nate to figure out where we were meeting up. Nate had mentioned a month earlier that they were going on a man trip to Zions and we should meet up with them, at first we blew it off since it was a man trip and we didn't know what we would be doing. But he asked again the week before to meet up with them to go rappelling. So since we hadn't made any set plans we decided it would be fun. We would meet them at 8AM before the gate to the park and then we would travel to Birch Hollow to do a 5 hour hike/rappel. 
We then grabbed dinner and went back to Ashley's where we ate, and talked, and watched So I Married An Axe Murderer. Then realized it was close to 12 and we needed to be up by 5AM to leave and meet up with the guys. 5AM came way too soon, but we got up and we on our way by 7AM. We were determined not to keep the guys waiting thinking they were probably thinking we would be late. Instead, they didn't get there until 8:15... they were late. So they found us, we decided we couldn't all cram into one car and we would have to pay to get into the park, so we did then stopped at the visitors center so the guys could change...
They didn't have a place to stay so they had ended up sleeping in the parking lot of a church. They did sleep on the grass islands but were woke up by the sprinklers at 3AM. Haha. 
We were waiting on them, then were getting directions to make sure they knew where they were going. While we were waiting Pono decided to surprise Lindsay and me and showed up. He had been planning on coming on the trip then decided to tell her he couldn't as his family was going to be in town. Her reaction was priceless. So we met everyone, there was Me, Lindsay, Julie, and Ashley for the girls. Then Nate, Cullen, Austin, Matt, Spencer, Pono, A.J., Sebastian, and Mike for the guys. It made for great odds in our favor, lol, and just for a great day! Here are some pics of the hike...

Well it was a fun, and long day. We also only had one terrifying experience where I fell upside down on a 50 foot rappel and gave everyone a heart attack while I hung there laughing wondering what happened to put me there. Since there were so many of us, we figured the 5 hour hike would take longer... we didn't expect it to take 13 hours tho... long day. Then the car was parked 6 miles from where it should have been, and way past the marked that we had been told, we were cold and tired and just ready to be done. We got back to the cars, and decided we would meet in Hurricane for some dinner as we'd pretty much just had trail mix, granola bars, jerky and water all day. So we got ourselves some nice hot pizza from Little Caesar's. That pizza had never tasted so good!
Us girls then went back to Cedar while the guys all went their separate ways. We went to church with Julie and Ashley in the morning and then left to head home. We were almost to Nephi when the gas light came on... luckily we made it to a gas station. We then stopped in Provo to have dinner with Julie's family as they had been freaking out the day before when we never showed up in St. George at her sisters house when we said we would, but the hike took way longer than thought. But dinner and the company was great! 
Headed up from Provo both Lindsay and I got a text from Clint... he had found our cars in Logan and gave us a present when we got back... Deodorant covered my windshield, along with oreos, and saran wrap. Well Pono was up in Logan and him and Spencer were coming over to play games at Clints with us, they saw the cars and decided to help us clean them off. In the process us girls had the same idea to wrap the boys in the saran wrap. It backfired on us and they ended up wrapping up us girls, we then had to walk the block and a half, and up 3 flights of stairs, where Ryan greeted us with a glass of water, and I was smashed against the wall. Now that my friends is a good prank.
So we learned some lessons this weekend... don't trust the guys on distance, we need to go prepared ourselves, not leaving that up to the boy scouts, and us girls can handle each other through think and thin! Love you guys and can't wait for the next adventure!