Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Position!

So if you didn't know already...
I work at Cookie Cutters Salon. Its a hair salon for kids. They come in and pick out a movie or PlayStation game that they can watch/play while we do their hair. This works surprisingly well for 'distracting' them and helps them hold still for the most part (expect for those who are use to the Wii. LOL). They also get to sit in a car or airplane (little carnival ride 'toys') which also makes the experience more exciting to them.
Even though this helps a lot we still have screamers who just don't enjoy getting their hair cut, but its not as often like when I have been at other salons.
Anyway, our Assistant Manager and her husband have decided to take the opportunity to move down south where they will house sit her sisters house while they are out of the country. This made that management position open and Brenda (owner) opened it up to the stylists here. I let her know that I would be interested in that, and a week later she called me up to let me know that if I still wanted the position it was mine to have. I of course accepted. I'm so grateful for this because it guarantees my hours, and I should be getting a raise... if not I will mention to her that I feel for the extra responsibility I should get one. But just having the guaranteed hours is a great blessing in my life right now.
I love doing hair and it will always be more than just a job to me, its a hobby. I love the way it makes people feel after giving them a new look, or even just shaping up their old one. And here at this salon the little kids love getting it done as well.

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Dad Mom said...

Good for you. Congradulations. Love Grammie