Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Epic Weekend Ahead!

So not a whole lot has happened since the Cedar/Zions Fall Break trip. Just the occasional Scatterball night, or random late night movie at Nate's. Jared, my cousin, did end up coming up to hang with us at the Haunted Labs up on campus which was lame, but he did meet Julie again and they have really hit it off, so we'll see how that goes. Found out Nate thought I was trying to 'get away' from them cuddling when I used his shoulder as a pillow... wasn't trying to get away I was honestly sleeping and slept through most of The Dark Knight. 
Then last weekend we saw Megamind! It was the best movie I have yet to see in 3D! it was totally rad. Then we went back to Nate's and put in The Illusionist where I fell asleep on Brazilian Matt. Then the next night was way random and we ended up at Nate's again only Nate wasn't there and we hung out with Matt, and then the other Matt Baker came home and we put in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and I again fell asleep on Brazilian Matt. Oh my, maybe I shouldn't watch movies over there anymore... haha yeah right.
This weekend we are headed to Boise and McCall Idaho for what they call... The Polar Bear Strut. The boys are going to go do the Hokie Pokie in a freezing cold lake at the boy scout camp where they all use to work at. Lindsay and I  #1 don't want to join in since we've both been so sick recently, and #2 aren't allowed to get in by orders of Nate. But we will then go to an indoor hot tub and pool while they warm up and chill for awhile there. Its going to be another epic adventure in my book. I'll be sure to post pics after we get back!

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loretta said...

What do you mean not 'watch' movies over there any more? Doesn't sound like you've been 'watching' movies over there to begin with!!! Hahahahaha!!! :)