Saturday, October 31, 2009


So its Halloween Eve, not my all time favorite holiday but in the top 4. And I have the greatest friends ever, 2 of which I lived with for 6 months, Lindsay, Emily, and Veronica. We get in a lot of trouble together... the good kind of trouble that is just pure craziness!
Tonight was the first Aggie Basketball Exhibition game, which for the Aggies is just practice, the ending score was 85-51 and there is no reason why we left early to beat the rush and go to Casper's for ice cream :)
Randomly I still get YSA (young single adult) mail at my parents house, sometimes it comes in handy. Up until a few years ago the Institute held a Halloween Dance called the Scream, they did this separate from USU's Howl because it got too scandalous, but USU has asked they to help clean up the Howl by coming back with them. Well I got a postcard in the mail for YSA, they tried to take over the Scream, calling it the Yell, but it wasn't the same. It was tonight and if you couldn't tell we didn't go. But they were also involved with Green Canyon Corn Maze and you could get in for $2. I remembered that Veronica had been wanting to go to a corn maze so I mentioned that it was a deal tonight and that we should go, on our way there I remembered that it's haunted on the weekends, especially since tomorrow is Halloween. Oh well, there was 4 of us so it was going to be fun. Lindsay grabbed a map and we headed in :) sad for the people scaring us, some of them were disappointed when it didn't work, then they followed us! The girls laughed at me when I informed them that we had cute Butts and they just wanted to watch them. But it was fun and we made some new scary friends who pointed the way out!
We then went back to the apartment where we put in the Disney version of Robin Hood, Emily and I fell asleep on the couch (her squishing me... don't worry I loved it, we have a lot of roomie love) Lindsay fell asleep on the chair and Veronica eventually said it was time for bed. Oh I love my girls!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reading Aide sub

So as of right now I've been working at North Park and Millville Elementary schools as a substitute Reading Aide... and surprisingly I love it. This really does surprise me. I use to think that teaching of any kind to kids under Highschool age was pure crazy, but I truely love it. Not enough that I would ever go to school to become an ElEd teacher, but enough that I would consider doing this again in the future.
Little kids are so cute, I just love them to pieces. I go in and at North Park they all know that I am Mrs. Jenkins daughter and Tanner's sister and they all say hi, and give me hugs. Its great. They also told mom the other day that she couldn't come with me on the cruise ship because they still needed a teacher.
Today was crazy hair day at the school and it was a little weird doing it since it has been 3 years since I even considered doing that back in HS. But it was fun seeing all the kids faces as we came into the rooms, they were so excited to see us being crazy with them. Tomorrow is PJ day... now that one isn't hard at all, personally I wish it was PJ day everyday.
I'm really going to miss these kids after I'm gone. Just subbing or seeing them every few days has been fun, it gives me something to look forward to every morning.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Eyes See the Present, and My Mind Paints the Future

So about a year ago or so my mom started her blog and decided to encourage me to write my own blog. Well as you can see that didn't happen, I told her that I had nothing interesting to blog about, I'm not the one to write online about the random stuff I do, from dates to pranks. I was just working hanging out. I told her that when I got serious with someone, engaged, married, maybe I would start one then. Sorry everyone that has not happened. I'm not dating anyone or do I plan on getting married anytime soon.
But I do have a new adventure that I am about to embark on. And if you don't know yet, you'll have to wait just a bit, I want to explain what has got me here in my life.
Ever since I was in Cosmetology school I thought it would be amazing, awesome to work on a cruise line in the spa. Sadly my instructors felt to discourage this, that you had to go to massive training in London, learn everything over, and that it was not the life that you wanted. Being only a year out of high school, still at home with my family, and not really know what I wanted yet I decided to listen to them and not look into anymore. I got my Cosmo license and worked at a cute little salon here in Logan. After doing that for awhile I felt something in my life missing, that I wasn't getting the life experiences I needed as a young adult.
I decided to give college a shot and got into Snow College down in Ephraim, Utah. Oh goodness was that a good time! I loved the people I met and for the most part my classes were great. I loved the time I had down there, although I did learn that as much as loved the college social life, I didn't like wasn't for me. So at the end of the semester with everything I learned and new friends gained, I moved back into my parents in Logan. I took some time to find a new singles/student ward that I liked and Gary soon to be graduating came with me.
I found the ward, they were amazing, so friendly and I was meeting new people, it was like I had a family that in my other student/singles ward I never had but everyone always spoke of. The only thing was that I was still at my parents, and I so wanted to be out on my own again. They were really cracking down in the stake to go to the ward you were suppose to, so as I started looking for an apartment I was trying to find one in the boundaries as I wasn't in them. And then I found it, the best apartment with the best roommates. and I lived there with Emily and Lindsay for 6 months.
Then for spring break me and my friend Valerie decided to go on a cruise, they were running a great deal and it was being organized so that we were going with a bunch of people from USU so we'd have friends there. It was great, we had so much fun, now that I look back I see that some of the things we did on that trip weren't the smartest, but we survived, you can only do those crazy things as young singles and it truly was fun. But being on that cruise ship reaffirmed to me that I once wanted to be working on one.
As I got home and was back to work I started thinking again my life was in another rut, I had a good paying job but with the way the economy had turned I was getting fewer and fewer hours and I didn't want to be stuck at MasterCuts forever so I decided to go back to school and get my Master Esthetics license. For those who don't know that goes along with my Cosmo license but deals more in depth with skin care. I got into school down in SLC and only had to go for 4 months.
I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle for the summer and enjoyed almost every minute of school. It was definitely a learning experience. I had planned to stay there all summer except for the few long weekends when I would come home. Well that didn't happen, too much was going on here in Logan and I came home all the time. It was just too much fun. But something happened while I was at school, I let everyone know my plans, to get on a cruise ship spa, and you wanna now what... everyone encouraged me! they were amazing, great and one instructor, Susan was so helpful, she gave me the email of a girl who had done it and was so helpful to tell me how to interview with them, get in contact right away. I am so grateful to her, everything she told me was so helpful.
I finished school with some baggage that I don't want to go into right here and now but it put me in a tight spot, I moved back in with my parents and needed to find a job but didn't want to get into a spa where I was planning on leaving as I had an interview with Steiner on Oct. 1st in Vegas. I had been talking to a lady through email since June or July and it was all set. I had ask all my girlfriends if they wanted to make a girls weekend out of it, but with their school schedules they didn't know what was going on yet so mom was going to fly down with me. It ended up that all my siblings were out of school that week so we made a family vacation out of it and had a ton of fun! It was great.
Morgan was my model for the interview where I had to cut, blow dry, and style her hair. During the presentation they gave all they talked about was going to London to train and how expensive it was going to be, that worried me a little, but it was going to be worth it. When I was talking to them during the trade interview they mentioned Hawaii as a training center as well. I felt really good about the whole thing, but you never know. They said it was going to be 7-10 days till we heard back through email. On the 12th I hadn't heard anything so I emailed the lady I had been talking to and she emailed back saying they hadn't gotten the paperwork back from the Vegas interview. What?!?! It had been a week and a half! I was getting frustrated and annoyed, I had jobs come up that I could apply for here, but didn't want to say yes and then back down. It was intense. But on Wednesday the 14th, 2 weeks after the interview I got an email. In it was the great news that I was hired and that i would be going to Hawaii to train! The good thing about going to Hawaii is that it is cheaper, they pay for so much stuff! It was an answer to my prayers! While I go to training for 2-8 weeks I get paid, they pay my way to Hawaii, they reimburse me for my work permits, and then they place me on a ship, possibly in the islands, or anywhere in the world where I will spend 8-9 months, and then I get a 2 week paid vacation and a few more weeks to hang out before I sign up for another contract for 7-8 months. This is my new adventure that I will start in the next few weeks.
In a way its my mission, I had always thought about going, but the timing never works, God says its not time, and ever since I decided to go back to school everything has fallen into place, this is the plan God has in store for me. Its going to be a hard one but I have God to help me through it. As they were talking they said that you become really close with your coworkers, going to the bars and clubs after work and hanging out on land on your day off, right away I"m going to stand out, I like clubs, but no bumpin and grindin for me, bars are ok, but I order water and soda. Even being on a cruise I dress a lot differently, way more covered than most. Its going to be a great time, a great learning experience, and I hope to touch the lives of those around. Your prayers are greatly appreciated at this time, I'll keep you updated on where I am and what I'm doing. Come on this adventure with me while I PAINT MY FUTURE.