Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reading Aide sub

So as of right now I've been working at North Park and Millville Elementary schools as a substitute Reading Aide... and surprisingly I love it. This really does surprise me. I use to think that teaching of any kind to kids under Highschool age was pure crazy, but I truely love it. Not enough that I would ever go to school to become an ElEd teacher, but enough that I would consider doing this again in the future.
Little kids are so cute, I just love them to pieces. I go in and at North Park they all know that I am Mrs. Jenkins daughter and Tanner's sister and they all say hi, and give me hugs. Its great. They also told mom the other day that she couldn't come with me on the cruise ship because they still needed a teacher.
Today was crazy hair day at the school and it was a little weird doing it since it has been 3 years since I even considered doing that back in HS. But it was fun seeing all the kids faces as we came into the rooms, they were so excited to see us being crazy with them. Tomorrow is PJ day... now that one isn't hard at all, personally I wish it was PJ day everyday.
I'm really going to miss these kids after I'm gone. Just subbing or seeing them every few days has been fun, it gives me something to look forward to every morning.


loretta said...

I agree. Why can't it be Pajama day everyday! Sometimes the pajamas are cuter & definately more comfy, than the clothes!

Dad Mom said...

Because, there are proper places for everything ? Love ya' Grammie