Saturday, October 31, 2009


So its Halloween Eve, not my all time favorite holiday but in the top 4. And I have the greatest friends ever, 2 of which I lived with for 6 months, Lindsay, Emily, and Veronica. We get in a lot of trouble together... the good kind of trouble that is just pure craziness!
Tonight was the first Aggie Basketball Exhibition game, which for the Aggies is just practice, the ending score was 85-51 and there is no reason why we left early to beat the rush and go to Casper's for ice cream :)
Randomly I still get YSA (young single adult) mail at my parents house, sometimes it comes in handy. Up until a few years ago the Institute held a Halloween Dance called the Scream, they did this separate from USU's Howl because it got too scandalous, but USU has asked they to help clean up the Howl by coming back with them. Well I got a postcard in the mail for YSA, they tried to take over the Scream, calling it the Yell, but it wasn't the same. It was tonight and if you couldn't tell we didn't go. But they were also involved with Green Canyon Corn Maze and you could get in for $2. I remembered that Veronica had been wanting to go to a corn maze so I mentioned that it was a deal tonight and that we should go, on our way there I remembered that it's haunted on the weekends, especially since tomorrow is Halloween. Oh well, there was 4 of us so it was going to be fun. Lindsay grabbed a map and we headed in :) sad for the people scaring us, some of them were disappointed when it didn't work, then they followed us! The girls laughed at me when I informed them that we had cute Butts and they just wanted to watch them. But it was fun and we made some new scary friends who pointed the way out!
We then went back to the apartment where we put in the Disney version of Robin Hood, Emily and I fell asleep on the couch (her squishing me... don't worry I loved it, we have a lot of roomie love) Lindsay fell asleep on the chair and Veronica eventually said it was time for bed. Oh I love my girls!!!

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