Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend and BBI

So the weekend started out finishing cleaning and moving houses... pure craziness! Then we went to The Stadium to watch Morgan and the Sky View band do their final performance for the Marching Band season. (sorry the video won't load... try facebook to see it) but here's a pic

Then I got homeand craved Tanners pumpkin and jumped in the shower. I wasgetting ready for a great night! me and my girls dressed up as an 80's rock band... our name Kiss and Tell :)

We are named as such... (right to left) Emily was Kiss in Color. Veronica was Sammie. Lindsay was NCMO aka NonComittalMakeOut. And Me... Pucker Up. We went trick or treating around my parents neighborhood, where we would sing I Saw the Sign... Ace of Base when they opened the door. We then proceded to our bishops house. We were talking to him for a bit, laughing about our costumes. We were telling him the band name and then our individual names which he liked and said that he liked them... Our ward needed more lip action! Oh how we love our bishop! I'm going to miss him when I'm gone, but they'll be released soon also. Very sad, they are all amazing.

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