Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some fun new stuff!

So... I know everyone is dying to hear, well I think they are ppl seem pretty excited over facebook about it anyways :) So about a week and a half ago I met this guy at country swing dancing. Me and my old roommate, and one of my best friends ever, Lindsay try to go every week. We have some good friends there and its one of the only places that I meet new ppl since I'm not going to school right now and I work at the Elementary school... no one to really meet there.
Anyways, I usually don't meet many new ppl, Lindsay never just stands tho, she's always dancing! Love her to pieces. But this particular night was a lot of fun. I had a bunch of guys asking me to dance and it was fun. This one kid was here from Peru going to school, and he asked for my number and wanted to go out that weekend. I love different cultures ad everything don't get me wrong, but I kinda have issues if I can't understand someones broken english, so as fun as he seemed and cute, I was glad to be going toSt. George that weekend. But he got my number anyways.
Later that night as I was standing just enjoying the good music a guy asks me to dance. Well he apparently doesn't know that much, just learning and asks me to show him some stuff. This isn't my forte! I usually tell guys that i'm not a good teacher and after stuggling through a dance they leave. David happened to not care and just danced with me laughing the whole time. After the song was over he kept talking to me, just chatting, nothing that I even remember. Well he stayed by my side for the rest of the evening. Lindsay and I like a few of the line dances so when we were doing those David was great at attempting! He een made me attempt with him on one that I don't know, but since he was such a good sport I figured I better be too. Anyways he was way cute all night, he kept gabbng my hands and trying different things, he figured out 'the cuddle' and kept doing that over and over again it was way cute. It came time to go so we left and said our goodbyes and that was that.
I found out his last name at the church on Sunday and decided to look him up on facebook and I found him, but I couldn't bring myself to add him. Tuesday night for our IWA activity we were combining with an IMA chapter and they wanted to have a dating panel, just asking questions back and forth about dating so we agreed. Well these boys helped me out a lot, one thing they said they liked about girls is when they are bold... most guys are completely oblivious when a girl likes them, they said to ask for the guys number, that tells the guy that you are interested and they're more likely to do something. So I had my challenge... be bold, very difficult for me but something was going to happen.
David ended up not going dancing on wednesday so I decided to be bold since I couldn't shake him from my mind. I got home after dancing and got on facebook, I added him as a friend, putting a little note saying I missed him that night and I hd a ton of fun the week before. Well he accepted, commented on my status, and on friday sent me an email asking if I had any fun plans for the weekend, and to let him know. OH GOSH!!! it worked! Sad day for me my weekend was all booked, but my girls would understand me bailing on them for the football game to go instead with a boy! And ofcourse, they didn't mind at all.
Saturday, David picked me up around 12:30ish for the game... cold, and snowy, but perfect because together we could stay somewhat warm :) We then went to an early dinner at Pounders, a new hawaiian grill in Logan. Where we sat and talked some more (since we talked all through the game). He took me home around 6:30 where of course I got the 3rd degree from the family. Here is wht ws said between Lexie and I
Lexie: Did you have fun?
Me: Yes... (big grin)
Lexie: Did you kiss him?
Me: WHAT? Who do you think I am?
Lexie: You.
Me: What does that even mean?
Oh goodness, its a good thing I love her. Anyways there is going to be a 2nd date where we are going to watch UP, which I have found to be very HILarious! More details to come. Don't think anything is going to come from this, remember I am getting ready to leave for Hawaii, and he's going to Park City, plus as we talked yesterday, we both agree that Utahans are crazy getting engaged after only knowing each other for a short time. We both agree in dating and getting to know each other before committing to forever with someone.


shlipea said...

Okay, I just have to say that Lexie's comment made me laugh A LOT!! I loved it! Also, after reading your story, I almost expected your answer to be yes. Lol. MUST keep me updated on this! :)

Drewann Jenkins said...

PS for anyone who doesn't know already I still haven't ever kissed anyone!

Rachel Ann said...

Yay! That sounds so fun! I always thought people were crazy for getting married after only knowing someone a short time...then I met Jeff :) The day we get married will be about one week short of four months since we met. So, in my opinion, when you know--you know. :) When are you leaving for Hawaii?