Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A second date

So I went on a second date with David on Tuesday. David served his mission in Brazil and on campus there was a Brazillian charity dinner of sorts and he got us tickets. He was so excited because it was going to be authentic food and he couldn't wait for me to try it.
We got to the alumni building and I see a bunch of people that I know. We're in line for food and are just having a good time talking and David apparently realizes its not as authentic as he was hoping. But he doesn't inform me quite yet. We grab the food and have a seat. The drink was red colored water, not the best at all, but atleast I enjoyed the food, I didn't know any different.
Anyways we got done and went back to his place and watched UP :) way cute movie if you haven't seen it yet I suggest it! We watch the movie and get talking afterwards and David starts saying something and then backs out. Well it was too late, I knew he was going to say something and have to know what. I keep bugging him and he finally tells me that he saw weavels in the seasoning we put on our food!!! OMG gross!!! I couldn't believe it! Talk about disguisting!

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