Thursday, November 19, 2009

A day with the Girls

Katie Berman and Maurina Rowley, two of the greatest girls I met while at Snow. Once upon a time Katie was my roommate and Maurina lived 2 apartments down, we were great friends and just spent hours hanging out and talking. Almost a year ago Maurina got married :) and now Katie is up here at USU. We don't see much of each other anymore with our crazy schedules but we got to squeaze in some time recently.
Katie and I went to lunch at Costa Vita and just talked it was so good, we talked about life, boys and where we are going. Maurina had class so we picked her up later and went to Caspers for ice cream and she caught us up on her and Sean and her family snce we knew most of them down at Snow. It was such a great time I loved it. Miss You Girls!

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