Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend In St. George

So I went to St. George for the weekend with my Aunt Trudy and cousin Kiri.

Kiri got called to play on a soft ball team for a tournament. Kiri's own team is apparently pretty good but this team is better, according to Aunt Trudy and yes they were great!
Here's a few pictures of Kiri

They were doing so good... Undefeated! They were going to play the Championship game at 12:30 sat. night... technically Sunday morning, this league isn't suppose to play on Sunday but they felt this was ok. Well they ended up being 2 games behind by 12:30 so we didn't ply until 2:00 am! then the losing team won the first game and with this being a true champion or whatever its called they had to play another game, this one at 3:30 am! crazy!! With it being so late, the girls were all tired, but they lost the 2nd game too, very sad. But still great job girls!

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