Monday, May 10, 2010


So I've been really awful at blogging lately... SORRY. but oh well, it happens. I figured this was worth blogging about tho :)

My good friend Lindsay recently started dating a guy, Clint, and he has introduced us to a lot of new people. Now I have a social life and I'm having a ton of fun! Anyways back to my story...
Friday afternoon I got a text from Taila asking if I wanted to go see Iron Man with a group of people. So I thought about it then decided yeah, I'd go. We decided to meet at Clints at 715 and then we were going to dinner and the movie at 10. I met the group that was going, Clint, Josh, Cullen, Sean, Taila, Julia, and me, Brandon and his date were going to show up for the movie later. This was the first time I had met both Sean and Julia.
I jump in the car with Cullen, Taila, Sean and Julia. Sean sat between me and Julia and was so hilarious! He kept flirting up a storm, so cute. I definitely want to get to know this guy.
Dinner was at Smokin' Blues, a new BBQ joint in Providence, that has a nice rootbeer bar. With the rootbeer bar they brought out a list of their sodas that they carry in the bottles which they bring out with a frosted mason glass. Dinner was great, talking/flirting with Sean, just fun all over! 
After dinner while waiting for the checks and boxes I was talking to Clint and Taila said something about us playing spin the bottle with the empty glass bottles. Well I was talking to Clint and not paying to much attention, the next thing I know is that I hear my name and Sean has grabbed my face! My heart has jumped to my throat and I'm not sure what to do, but Sean had put his thumbs over my lips so we didn't actually kiss. So then we made a big show about it for the camera, and I couldn't stop laughing. Then Clint started egging Josh and Taila to do the same thing. 
At the movie we sat by each other and flirted some more, then he got our numbers later since we'll all be here in Logan during the summer, so we'll just have to see what happens. 
Oh yeah and Iron Man was pretty sweet as well!
The cool thing is now having an insider. Lindsay, even though she is in Kansas right now, talked to Clint and found something out. Sean talked to Clint about Friday and said he had a lot of fun and thought about really kissing me! Oh my how fun!
This summer is going to ROCK!!!

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shlipea said...

Sounds like I might need to come play with you guys sometime! (Not that I'm looking to be almost kissed....because I'm not.) But any social life would be better than sitting at my house.