Monday, May 17, 2010

Its a Bitter Sweet Ending and New Beginning

After saying goodbye to us for months they have finally been released. We had to say our finally goodbyes after a very teary eyed Sacrament Meeting. Bishop Wilcox, Brother Fletcher, and Brother Rich, who were the first Bishopric after the 29th ward was made just over 3 years ago . They get to return to their families now, which is a happy thing for them, its where they need to be. 
They have touched numerous lives in this ward, and it showed by the number in attendance. Not only had we combined with our other half for the summer (the 65th ward that was made from a split from us a year ago) but numerous couple who were in the ward before getting married. Last week the email went out that the release was happening, friends told friends, and anyone who was touched by this Bishopric tried to be there.
The bitter sweet part... I know our new Bishopric. 
As I drove up to church I recognized a white mustang with blue racing stripes... Larry Johnson, well that'd be cool I thought. As I go into the chapel I'm looking for Lindsay to sit by, but I don't see here, then I find Clint. Well I might as well go sit by him as Lindsay would be around somewhere. I sit down and get a tap on my shoulder and Leah Lucherini is sitting behind me... along with the whole Lucherini family. Well I think to myself that that would be cool, totally forgetting about Larry Johnson. The meeting goes on and after the Sacrament they release Bishop Wilcox, Brother Fletcher, and Brother Rich. Then they announce/sustain the new Bishopric. Bishop Monte Lucherini, 1st Counselor Larry Johnson, and 2nd Counselor Kirk Jardine who I guess is also from North Logan. So as sad as it is to let the old go, its good to know the new and good to have them here for this new beginning. In my heart it was a tender mercy from the Lord knowing that I will still feel at home with them in the Bishopric, as that is what this ward has always felt like to me, a home.
Best of luck to both leaving and entering, the Lord is with all of you.

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