Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Live Like Everyday is Your Last

Life can take some interesting turns. As of late I have been hanging out with numerous people, some guys from my ward, a group that Clint introduced us to, and of course Lindsay, Emily, and Taila. Some things that we have done...
1: Hiked the Crimson trail on Memorial Day with a group of Clint's friends, went to Texas Road House for Ben's Birthday, and had a campfire up Green Canyon.
2: Went on a hike with Sean... ended up inviting Roger and Trevor to some hot springs with us in Ogden canyon... left with Roger and Trevor to go to Denny's and got home around 3AM... think I lost all chances with Sean and I'm ok with that.
3: Sundays we play games at Clint's apt.
4: Thursdays are at Cameron and Ben's playing more games.
5: Wednesday are usually filled by Country Dancing at the Fun Park
6: Monday June 14 was fun... it included making a video with Roger, Trevor, Taila, Emily, and Lindsay, where we ran around a park, I fell out of a swing, and we had a flour fight!
7: Movies seen this summer include... Iron Man 2, Midnight showing of Toy Story 3 3D, and A-Team, and will be seeing Eclipse with my mom and sisters.
8: Spent this last weekend with Trevor and Taila. We went out to dinner, got BoBo drinks, saran wrapped Lindsay's car, broke into Emily and Lindsay's house, Pha'zookies, and a lot of laughing from who knows what we inhaled. Oh and the not-so-redneck Demolition Derby in Preston.
9: Pulling pranks on the guys is always fun, oreo's, saran wrap, notes on cars, etc.

But I think the biggest lesson to learn is jumping into life head on. Taking chances, telling people how you feel, wearing your heart on your sleeve and risking everything. Definitely somethings that I need to work on. Life  passes by so quickly. You think things are good and going in the direction you want and then something happens and everything is flipped upside down. You feel that everything you thought was going right actually wasn't that way at all. You realize that its your fault for not saying, doing, or changing something sooner or at all, you realize that even doing that something may not get you what you want, but if you don't go for those things you will end up sitting on the sidelines and watch your life go by. I don't want to sit on the sidelines anymore, I want to take charge of my life, I want my happy ending. Whatever it may be, I want to be happy in the process of getting there, and end up happy when I reach the end.

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