Friday, August 6, 2010

24th of July Campout and My first Kiss

Such a great weekend! I'll put that at the beginning so you know you are in for a real treat looking at this post. After having a couple of really bad days, this weekend surely was a good one to have. So dive in and enjoy!
Nate was so great to put this video together, and spice it up for me. I decided to post this way since it makes it a lot funnier to watch and hear every one's input.

The video wouldn't load so here is the link to it on Facebook :)
The camping trip was such a good one. Here is the link to another video Nate put together to show you the highlights of all the fun that was had.

The trip included playing at Bear Lake Friday afternoon, dutch oven dinner made by Ryan Friday night. We slept under the stars on Clint's grandparents lawn. Got up Saturday morning and had breakfast which a lot of people helped prepare. Then drove up to Bloomington Lake for a fun rope swing adventure, during which everyone lived! Then back into Bear Lake for shakes...Mine was bought for me by Ben since he offered one to me for swinging on the rope :) Then most came back into Logan while the few who still had time to play went to the beach and chilled for a bit. Back into Logan to clean up, go to fireworks at Willow Park, then we slept through Cool Runnings at Nate's.
Such a great weekend... can't wait for more to come!

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