Thursday, September 2, 2010

Such A Great Summer!

Here are some more things we did this summer as it turned out to be RAD! 
there was lots of fun to be had!
  • Lots of Fireworks through the month of July
  • Sunday and Thursday Game Night still going on
  • An occasional game of Frisbee up on the Quad
  • July 8th there was the tragic murder of our favorite pig during our Red Neck Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Spent some time with Arek & Tami, they were so sweet to invite me over and make me dinner
  • Dad turned 47! getting close to the big fire in a few years
  • I was made Activity Chairman in the ward
  • Wipeout Wednesdays became a weekly activity for me and we started spending more than 1/2 the week in the water.
  • I was introduced to Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long- Blog
  • My computer crashed...hit my dads in a fight with a friend...Worst day ever!
  • Ben saved everything on my computer and fixed it all for the price of cookies!
  • Bloomington Lake... but you read about that adventure ;)
  • Saw Eclipse with Mom and the girls
  • Went over to the lake in Suls' new truck for a Saturday afternoon
  • Spent another weekend at Bear Lake, well I was there Friday night, and Nate made sure to get me up so I could make it back to Logan for work.
  • Went to Raging Waters in SLC, almost got my 2nd kiss from Gibbs
  • Oh yeah jumped into 1st Dam! COLD!!! plus it was about 10:30PM
  • was going to hike Timp but we got rained out.
  • Did a photo shoot for Bryan & the college
  • Went to the Cache County Rodeo with the Family
  • Watched the meteor shower out in Hyrum
  • spent an hour looking for Landon's key when they were dropped 5 feet from the blanket
  • Hung out with Ryan and Corey at the Cache County fair
  • Got Fair food with Lindsay at the Cache County fair then spent the night looking for Beavers at 1st dam with Lindsay and Bryan
  • Ward Camp Out that was sadly supported.
  • Got a raise at work!
  • Went to the Box Elder County Fair... ate Navajo Tacos, then rode the rides! and got rained out
  • Church wards and stakes got all jumbled, but its going to be a good change! 
Wow that was a lot of stuff, but like I said it was a great summer, and we're not done yet, things still to come... Yellowstone this weekend with Arek & Tami, then Bear Lake on the 18th for the Pirate Party!
Have a good one guys!

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