Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So for some reason as of late electronics seem to hate me.
When we switched to quest and had sprint phones I went through 3 phones in about 6 months.
Then quest bundled with Verizon and we switched phones again, I then went through 3-4 phones in a year.
Recently my dad lost his phone and bought a used one off his friend... 1/2 the phone was touch screen and dad didn't like it, so I decided to trade phones with him, and I've loved the phone until this morning. It decided to crack and now I can't read 1/2 the screen. This is not going to work for me. I've been wanting a new phone but don't have the funds, so I was patiently waiting, now it looks like I'm going to have to borrow a phone from Lindsay for the time being. Lucky for me she has her old one just sitting in a drawer at her place.
UGH! Me and electronics just don't mix.

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