Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend of birthdays and partying!

So this last weekend was one big party! Saturday was Travis's, aka Pono, birthday and on Sunday me and John shared our birthday. We decided to party hard all weekend!
Pono wanted to go to the Brad Paisley concert for his birthday so he invited a group of us to go. The group included Brittney, Kristen, Julie, Lindsay, Pono, Nate, and Me. Jewels, Lindsay and I met up with Pono early to go to dinner at Red Robin before the concert. Oh my it was Yum! We found out during this time that Jewels is color blind... lol. At dinner we informed them it was our birthday, but they were apparently too busy and couldn't get anyone to come sing to us, yet when they brought out the mud pie we all sang to each other and our waiter was gracious enough to join in :) We then proceeded to the concert where we waited for the rest of the group to show up. Outside Usana we waited as we had brought Nate and Brittney food and we couldn't take it inside. They showed up and then had a race to finish their food. Sad they couldn't enjoy it because it was great food. When they finished we proceeded to our seats and enjoyed Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley. It was a night full of fun pictures, crazy dancing, and a lot of laughs. Oh and me coughing up a lung.
After the concert we made our way back into Salt Lake where Kristen had cake and ice cream waiting for us to sing another round of Happy Birthday. We enjoyed each others company for awhile then decided that we should head back to Logan. Julie was super tired from working a grave the night before and not getting a lot of sleep that day so I drove her car back, and Nate jumped in with us as Brittney was staying at Kristen's and Nate needed to be back in Layton. 
Saturday consisted of me working all day. Not too bad, I did have to miss the Bridal Fair where my friends were modeling tuxes... yeah my friends are pretty studly. Julie, Lindsay and Pono came and said hi. Then Julie and Lindsay gifted Pono to me for my birthday, haha. But then he left to go back to his birthday party in Provo.
After work us girls gathered at Lindsay's place for dinner and to watch the Relief Society Broadcast. It was fun to unwind after work and just chill. Afterward the plan was to watch Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World at Nate's so we made our way over to his apartment. When we got there Nate wasn't even there but we made ourselves at home. Nate showed up in a bit and then Lindsay had to run out to Julie's car as she "forgot her phone" out there. Well she came back in and had a gift in her arms. Yup the sillies had gotten me a present! They got me Rex from Toy Story! And he makes a funny "roar" or in his case a funny squeak just like I make! LOL. Anyways he made for a good night with Nate taking him and using him to scare me throughout the movie... once even making me choke on the fruit snacks I had in my mouth.
Sunday was great, it consisted of church, and me getting scared and choking on my cough drop right during the sacrament hymn! Oh my, me and my choking, and getting scared. After Church I went home and chilled for the afternoon. I then got a phone call from my favorite cousin, Jared! Then we had dinner, yummy mashed potatoes, gravy, fried chicken, veggies, and biscuits. Also we had cake and ice cream. Such a great weekend!

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