Monday, March 15, 2010

Road Trip with MOM!!

So its was off to Pasco again to pick up my TWIC card... which for those who have no idea what that is like I didn't... this is a Security Clearance card that allows me to go in and out of Ports by myself, no escort needed. W made it to the Enrollment Center before it closed so that is now picked up and we are on vacation! Staying in Portland tonight and onto more fun stuff tomorrow, but first we did have some adventures on the road!

Our last trip I forgot to tell you... *and as a side note our family uses the phrase 'Oh dear' a lot!

Driving past Tremonton, UT on I-84 west through the canyon, I notice a deer has jumped onto the road, know deer aren't the brightest of animals, I push the brake to slow down, not wanting to run into the deer, with Ellie, she wouldn't like it. The deer jumps onto I-84 east where a truck is coming, I could see that the truck slowed down and the deer jumped out of his way, but at the last minute the deer jumped back and fur went EVERYWHERE!!! and the deer was down! Oh wait, it jumped up and bounded off the road! I was speechless! but mom wasn't, 'Oh dear' was what she had to say! 'Mom!' So for the past few weeks we have cracked up anytime anyone says OH DEER! because all we think of is that suicidal deer.

Well on this trip there was a hawk in the barpit, (the ditch along side the road) and as we are driving, again down the freeway, this hawk picks up something and flies back toward our road, but he's not gaining altitude! I scream, mom screams, and it wasn't for ice cream, that hawk almost took out my windshield!!! our new saying for the trip in now Oh Hawk!, I don't know what it is with us and suicidal animals, but oh man, leave me and my car, Ellie alone!

Even though it was dark driving along the Columbia River Gorge tonight I could tell it was pretty, so much trees, the rocks/cliffs were amazing! I can’t wait to go back up that way tomorrow to see Multnomah Falls, The Dalles, and just the gorge itself!

Road trips are the best, traveling in general is just amazing, its something that I will always enjoy. Now with my family, soon on a ship by myself, and one day with the love of my life and our family! God has made this beautiful world for us to experience... Go and See for yourself!

Happy Travels everyone!


loretta said...

Oh Hawk!!!

shlipea said...

Once upon a time, up at Mill Hollow, we have a lot of deer. Elise and I also use the phrase "Oh dear" a lot. (I'm sure you can see where this is going...) Anyway, one night after being up in one of the cabins chatting with Daisy (one of the counselors) and her girls, we were walking back down to our apartment just to come extra close to a deer! Neither of us saw it until it bounded away, and we were laughing so hard all we could say was "Oh!.......(long, long pause)....Deer!" And of course then we just laughed some more. :)