Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DAY 2 on the Road Trip

Woke up in Portland OR this morning! So fun, I love vacations, especially when there are no set plans, just flying by the seat of our pants here.

On the agenda today was The Dalles, Multnomah Falls, Trader Joe’s, and the Temple.

Got up and went to Trader Joe’s. OMG Aunt T has us hooked, great atmosphere, fun stuff, and so simple, no bells and whistles there. Very green lifestyle here in Oregon, I could totally move here in a heartbeat.

Next we went to the Portland Temple. Have you ever seen it? I thought it was just white, but its marble, and so unique! Driving down the freeway you can barely see it off to the side, and then its there and then its gone. You get off the freeway and head over and you can’t see it tell you are right there. It’s surrounded by trees and trees and trees, such beautiful lands. Although it is cold with the wind blowing, but so worth walking around the grounds.

Off to The Dalles. We were hoping to take a tour of the lock and dam, but they didn’t do tours anymore. Sad day, but they had an old Gothic/Catholic church that we went to. So amazing! Its so cool to see this religion after being at our temple. Such a different feeling. Not being able to go in the Portland Temple to going here and walking right in and snapping picture after picture. Seeing the baptismal font… which is just a sculpture with a bowl inside with ‘Holy Water’. Interesting!

Multnomah Falls! OMG! So beautiful! So worth the trip up here! But oh so cold! Got some great pictures. Then mad at the sign… it lies. It said it was .2 miles to the bridge, and 1 mile to the top of the falls. Well its actually 1 mile after you get to the bridge so we actually walked 1 ¼ miles to the top of the falls, then you can’t even see the bottom of the falls. But still so pretty, such a gorgeous walk, and view when you get up there.

Back into Portland and back to the temple to get some night shots. Again so gorgeous!

Now for some food. Figured we’d go back to the hotel and find something around there. Well there wasn’t anything close! It was ridiculous trying to find something. And we probably drove for 30 minutes to finally find a Jack-in-the-Box and got dinner. We got to the hotel and ate, then for a nice soak in the hot tub. The falls had chilled us to the bone! All the mist, and that water, the slight wind, it was so cold!! The hot tub was so nice and then to bed, I was worn out. But so much fun.

Hope you're making it fun where ever you are!

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tawnya said...

I told you...

And yeah, it's chilly in March, but I love that you have to wear hoodies to the coast even in July. Man I miss it.