Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Airsofting and a blind date!

My really good friend Mandy Walker has decided to go on a Mission, and she goes into the MTC in 7 days! Oh gosh, she is going to be such an amazing missionary! Anyways I wasn't able to make her home ward farewell but we so needed to hang out before she left. After talking she told me to come down the following weekend, and she was talking in her singles ward. So it was decided that I'd go down on Saturday and we could hang for the whole weekend.

I decided to text Mandy on Friday to double check that it was still cool for me to come down. Of course it was, although she forgot and had planned a group date with her sisters. Well I could come down later, or on Sunday no big deal. But no, she was like, you should come down still, we'll find you a date and you can come along! Can I tell you how much I dislike blind dates! I think I've only ever had 1 good blind date...(this one makes it 1 1/2).

So they find me a date. I get to the Walker house Saturday around 3pm and the date is set for 4pm. I'm informed that we are going Airsofting... any of you that don't know... airsoft's are guns that shoot pellets that are a little softer that BB's. Personally not a fan of getting shot at, but hey why not, it'll be interesting to say the least. Their dates all show up and we start loading up on ammo. My date isn't there yet, Dave texts him and he's finishing watching the BYU game :( sad day, he bleeds the wrong blue. We figure out we don't have enough guns so Mandy and I go to Wal-Mart to get another one.

We get back close to 5pm and my date is there, yay, his name as John, he was tall, cute, he gave me a hug, and oh man did he smell good! Bring on the guns, lets get this party started! So we head outside and have a war, girls against guys... Man those pellets hurt! But it was so much fun.

When it got dark and we have just starting shooting anyone, and couldn't see out of the sunglasses anymore we went inside for dinner. BBQ chicken, potatoes, and rolls. YUMMY. Well after dinner we decided to go the Olympic oval for some ice skating... there was a YSA activity going on so it was free. Well my date had already made plans for later that evening as he was just informed of the Airsofting so he had to leave.

We got to the rink and were in line to get skates when we run into my date returning his skates... he gave me a hug... YUM... and said his plans were meeting here with friends and now they were headed to a movie. But we had a good time skating, keeping Dave from crashing as last time he went skating 5 years earlier he fell and shattered his jaw. Then watched Secondhand Lions back at the Walkers with a great slice of pie.

After church on Sunday I'm talking to Jess about guys and our date and I get the greatest story from her...

Apparently they hadn't first set me up with John... My original date Sterling had canceled by texting Jess at noon on Saturday! His excuse... my sister is having her baby sometime around 4-5 so I can't make it... ok but why does he have to be there? Sorry bros... you're not invited to me having kids, you an come see me the next day! Jess was at school so she couldn't find me a date and Mandy was stressing over her talk. Their mom Debbie said to call Dave and have him get me a date, good idea, it was done. One problem with Dave having this assignment... he told John that a group of people were getting together to play Airsoft... he didn't know he was on a date till he showed up at Mandy's house! which then explains why he was texting all night and then had to leave with plans already made!

At least it made a great story, and it wasn't even a bad one, this is definitely on the good list, at least half way.

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Glad you had fun. Love Grammie