Friday, February 26, 2010

its been too long!

So sorry for not posting anything in almost 2 months! Time gets away from me sometimes. Anyways so much has happened. To catch up...
First there was Tanners 8th birthday

Can't believe ow big my younge siblings are getting!
Next was New Years

Kristy, Veronica, and I went to the Institute for the YSA dance, and ended up watching a movie at a friends apartment till about 2 AM then having a sleepover at Veronicas.
Next was Lexies 13th birthday.

Oh goodness~ Life doesn't seem to slow down!

Next I spent some time with friends fo their birthdays, Hardware Ranch, Aggie Games, and recently took a road trip to Pasco WA with my mom. Those will be posted soon...They have to have posts by themselves... especially the trip through Oregon.

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Dad Mom said...

I love how much you , Tanner, and Lexie look alike in those pictures. Love Grammie