Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life In Limbo... not good!

Why does it always seem like I screwed up my life? I try my best to follow the Spirit and I take 5 steps forward and then trials come up and it seems as if I've take 10 steps backwards. Leaving me farther in the dust than from where I came.

Where is this coming from you ask? Well I have a lot on my mind. Mostly concerning my new job, and somewhat the state of my finances. Back in August I got caught up in a scam that left me in the hole about $6,000, plus him getting money that was my own. On top of that I didn't have a job all summer so I was quite devastated and didn't know what was going to happen. I knew where I wanted to work and had an interview set up for Oct. in Vegas with the Steiner Company who hires for cruise line spas. Mid Oct. through email I found out that I was hired and was going to be training in Hawaii. Well in the middle of Nov. I got another email with a packet of information that I needed to fill out, then scan and email back. Did that and now I have just been waiting.

I understand that large companies move slowly, but this is ridiculous! I have currently got rid of my car, since I won't need it, and am still living at my parent, not only to save money, but because I hardly have any money to my name. As much as I love my parents and my family I've lived on my own a couple of times and have my own way of doing things, we get on each others nerves. and now with getting rid of my car I've had to revert to asking permission to borrow one of their cars.

I thank everyone for their support and patience with me. I just wish I could learn what Heavenly Father wants/wishes me to learn so that I can get on with this. What does He have in store for me?

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shlipea said...

You're not the only one! Also, I hope you hear from them soon!