Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh the fun of being young!

Me and my girls... Emily, Lindsay, Rachel, Veronica and Cessi, love to have fun. We like to play pranks... and the boys we play pranks on are retarded and never prank back. HAHA.

Some of the stuff we've done... Laxative Brownies... TP, HotDogs, & Saran Wrap... Tinfoil, Press&Seal, Canned Chicken... and most recently Window Chalk!
Oh talk about a fun night. At FHE we were talking to TJ and had him tell us what he thought of us. He was telling us whether we were deep or shallow and we were informing him that Cessi moved in just to stalk him better as his apartment is right behind Emily's. He found that funny, but couldn't remember our names. So on our way home we decided it was time for another prank.
Sad story as we sneak over to TJ's we find that his back fence doesn't have a gate! And the fence isn't quiet when you climb over. So as quietly as possible we climbed the fence. Saw that we could see through his blinds and TJ was laying on the couch watching a movie. Sadly the window chalk wasn't working so it was making squeaking noises, and we couldn't stop laughing. Cessi and Veronica both got their names written on the door when we saw TJ stand up, and let me tell you it was so much easier and quieter getting back over the fence!
Anyways we went and hid behind our fence for a bit then went back to finish. Only this time we went over one at a time. Emily went, then Lindsay, and I was last. I had barely wrote my name when TJ got up and started coming into the kitchen! Oh my everyone ran and I jumped the fence. We hid by the dumpster then ran to our fence and saw the blinds in TJ's door moving. He was standing there and we were sure he was watching us hide. Oh was it a good time!! Love you girls!

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