Friday, December 18, 2009

Battleship and a night with Tamsyn

My cousin Arek and his wife Tamsyn, or Tami moved up to Logan this summer so that Arek could go to school at USU as he is gong to be an Engineer and they have a great program here. Anyways they were part of the group that I hung out with this summer. They saved me from studying and were just a blast to hang out with. Through them I met Jenny and Brynn who are also just dolls that I love to pieces.
Anyways, since moving up here Tami gets lonely with her friends not being up here and Arek working all the time. Arek happened to be down south today working concrete and Tami was lonely. She started texting me so I went over so she wasn't alone. We talked then decided to play Battleship, it was very fun! Tami enjoyed it because apparently Arek isn't that good and I gave her a run for her money.
Even though Arek wanted to watch, we put in Julie and Julia since it was late and Arek barely left his parents in Kaysville around 10ish. That was a great movie, different and not what I was expecting, but it was really good. It reminded me of Emily and Lindsay and when we end up cooking together... just throw things together and make something Deliciousness... or Tastiness... lol.
Thanks for a great night out Tami, and have fun in England.

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