Sunday, December 6, 2009

Roundabouts and Utahns

Roundabouts in Utah don't work... Utahns don't know how to use them.
So story time... In Logan they have had 1800 North closed for the past month and a half or so because they were continuing 200 East out to Smithfield. Yes a good idea but along with that came a roundabout that they said was going to traffic flow better. haha yeah right...
The past 2 days I myself have witnessed the stupidity of some people in Logan. Last night as I was headed west on 1800 north I went through the roundabout and then proceeded to watch someone headed north on 200 east, wanting to come west on 1800 north , totally ignore the roundabout, go into oncoming traffic, lucky no one was coming, and pretty much just use the intersection a 4 way intersection.
Today as I was headed east on 1800 north I came to the new roundabout and yielded as there was someone coming around. As I was patiently yielding to the person coming, I get confused as they slow down and stop... then proceed to wave me through!!! What they have the right of way, not me.
When you take drivers ed, I think they need to have a class solely devoted to roundabouts since people don't know what to do with them.

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Sandra said...

oh how I hate the roundabouts. The worst one by far is the one on main street in Lehi.