Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beautiful Sabbath Day

The Sabbath Day... 
doesn't the sound of that just make you want to treat this day a little bit different from the rest of week? 
That's certainly how I feel, but I was raised that way.
Because of my wonderful parents I would never think of going anywhere else but to church on Sunday morning.
It just seems an odd day to me if I miss one of my meetings.

Today in church was a really great day, and I was touched by the Spirit.
All month long our Sacrament Meetings have had the same theme (4 weeks, 2-3 speakers each week) and somehow everyone has taught me something different. How is that possible you might ask... its through Heavenly Father and his love for us. He knew we needed to hear those messages, and he knew through the same topic the messages would get taught.
The topic was Establishing Righteous Patterns.
From the talks today I picked up some key messages meant just for me, 
1: Strive to be better. Find motivation, something that will always keep you moving forward in faith, and coming closer to God! Moroni 10:32-33 ...come unto Christ, and be perfected in him...
Something that is a motivation to me is my family and the eternity that I want to spend with them. To me nothing could be better, but to make that happen I have to have my life in order... I have to be working towards that goal at all times, not letting my guard down for a minute. If I do I know the adversary will be there waiting to drag me down.
2: Keep the Commandments! This is just as much key as the first point. It seems a simple thing, but it can be so hard. We all know the 10 commandments, the ones that were written on stone. Although in this day and age we need to make rules for ourselves that we treasure and follow just like those commandments. When we make those rules we have to follow through on them. What is the point of making them to just dismiss them later, to justify them... why did you make them in the first place then? 

In Sunday School we covered 1 Nephi 16 paralleled with Alma 37. This was about the Liahona, what it was for and how it worked. We may not have the Liahona today, but we do receive guidance and it works just the same, based on our Faith and Diligence in Christ.

Combined Relief Society and Elders Quorum was awesome! We had Brother Barrett speak to us. He is from Bishop Parkers ward, and he is an institute teacher. He talked to us about the Book of Mormon. About reading it and thinking about it and then over time it will be in our hearts. Everyday in this world we are beaten down and our hearts are hardened a little bit, but if we continue to read, even if we don't think it does any good, it does. It softens our heart it teaches us of truth, and gives us an eternal perspective. There are promises on every page and all you have to do is read and find them. It is A Marvelous Work and A Wonder, it is The Word of God, and if we take it in everyday we can deflect the fiery darts of the adversary, we will be able to withstand the temptations, we will learn of divine timing, we will be more patient, and we will be ready for what the Lord has in store for us.


I hope you can take something from this message. Know that I know it is all true in my heart. 

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