Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 2 and 3 of the cleanse

Yesterday was Day 2 and today was Day 3.
Yesterday was a bad day... I was so hungry, I felt awful! 
I figured the only way to get through this was just thinking day by day. You can't think... I have 4 days left! you won't make it. You just have to have the mindset of finishing the day you are on. So that's what kept me going yesterday... I can make it till I go to bed... Then this morning I was like... 2 days down! Yay Me!
Today hasn't been so bad. Not as hungry, and in a few hours I'll be done with 3 days.
Last night I had to buy more lemons and another bottle of maple syrup and I decided that was it... my wallet can't take me buying anymore, so I'll finish what I have and then drink fresh squeezed orange juice the rest of Friday night, and Saturday morning. Then my healthy eating starts... its hard to make a Lifestyle change, and I don't agree with Diets as they usually cuts foods out of your life... I don't like that idea. My plan is to eat healthier, not eat fast food as much (very rarely) eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and to not eat as much processed foods, they aren't good for you.
I'll still go workout 2-3 times a week, and do some Pilates a couple times a week.
So happy to be making this jump start to the new year! 

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