Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cleanse Day 4

I told you yesterday that I had changed the length of my cleanse... Well Monday I drank 6 glasses of the lemonade mixture... Tuesday 7 glasses... Wednesday 6 glasses... and today 5 glasses. Then I ran out of my 2nd bottle of maple syrup... it was $10 for a bottle which lasted 2 days... so if I bought another one I wouldn't feel good about only using 1/2 of it so my choice was to extend my cleanse by a day or cut it short by a day. Well my checkbook decided for me that I was going to cut it short. But its ok because I do feel better, less bloated, and I feel I will get somewhere now with my workouts.
Tonight when I got home from work and institute I juiced some oranges and drank a glass for the last hour. I think the mistake most people make after completing a cleanse or detox is going back to their regular eating and exercising habits. I'm not saying I'm going to be perfect but I hope to be better. I hope to keep on my workout schedule. I also hope to eat better. More homemade food, more little snacks throughout the day, littler portions, and not so much fast food. I think the stuff is delicious so I will still eat it, but not as frequently.
Hopefully this can help any of you trying to do this. You can do it! I believe in you!


Dad Mom said...

Good for you. E-mail me your lemonade mixture please. I don't know when people started thinking they needed snacks throughout the day. When we were growing up, we had to work hard physical work in the day and survived just fine on three reasonable meals a day. There just wasn't enough food to be eating all the time, A reasonable serving for a grownup is 1/2 cup, except for leafy greens, and then it is 1 cup. Maybe if we all went back to something like this we would all benefit. Everything is so supersize nowdays we just need to get comfortable to learn to leave some food behind when we eat out especially. Hope you stick with, it sounds great. Love Grammie

Drewann Jenkins said... this is the link to the site with all the information on the cleanse.