Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ward Prayer Snorts

Two days ago on Sunday...
Crystal and I decided we should invite people over for Dinner. We invited our besties Brianna and Ashley, as well as Apartment 25, Travis, Steven, and Chase, along with Josh who lives over in Spectrum.
Saturday night Steven took us to the store for groceries... he took us because he doesn't trust us after we gave him the "Chip Depot" chips. That was a fun adventure because apparently Steven doesn't like to go shopping, I had a headache, and Crystal was starving, makes for a very eventful trip to Walmart. Then after the store we came back to our place, Steven baked us a pizza, we did our nails and then proceeded to fall asleep while Steven watched Never Been Kissed... He claims he tried to fall asleep but he couldn't... I think he really likes the movie but doesn't want to admit it. LOL
On Sunday Chase came over and helped us with dinner, we made Sawdust Chicken with mashed potatoes. Brianna and Ashley brought a salad and the boys were in charge of dessert, Skookies which I helped Steven make.
It was a great evening full of chatting, goofing off, and lots of laughter. I don't remember what started the laughter but I was in a giggling mood. It soon became time to go to Ward Prayer so Steven got his car and we all went up. Bishop was in charge that evening and decided that the get to know you game was going to be telling our embarrassing moments... alright, that sounds like fun. Well since I was already in a giggling mood this didn't help the situation, some peoples embarrassing moments were super funny and I just kept laughing. After everyone was done Bishop stood up to give the spiritual thought. 
You know when you are laughing but are trying to be quite... it doesn't work too well, I was shaking I was laughing so hard. Then Steven sitting next to me thought to himself that if he laughed at me I would laugh even harder. I couldn't keep quiet anymore, I didn't even know what Bishop was talking about and I just bust up. He looked at me all funny and didn't know what to do. I just shook him off, said I didn't know why I was laughing, and tried to quiet myself. It worked for a minute and Bishop finished hims thought, it got real quiet and I couldn't help it anymore... I snorted! nice and loud. It was awful, and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. Brother Allen was saying the prayer and I was able to stay pretty quiet with only Crystal and Steven hearing my muffled laughter. After the prayer was over I couldn't help it any more and I just laughed so hard. I was crying, and my new mascara, which wasn't waterproof! and all over my face. I continued to laugh all night, over nothing. It was a good 2-3 hours. Travis at one point got out his iPhone and videoed me. None of them had seen me in that stated before.
But the good thing about laughter is that you get a good ab workout and it wears you out, I slept so good that night that I woke up late and barely made it to work on time before my 10am clients showed up.

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