Friday, April 6, 2012

The Old Abandoned Hyde Park Mine

Once upon a Friday night, Crystal was talking to Ashley. Ashley was telling how the next night a group was going to go explore a mine, and we should join them. They were planning to go around 9ish, after the boys got back from their Priesthood meeting.
Saturday came and all enjoyed Conference. Crystal went over to her brothers to babysit her nephews, and I ended up at my parents for a bit and went shopping with my mom and sisters.
Long about 8:50 I called Crystal, since she wasn't home yet, and asked her what the plan was, she didn't know, she hadn't heard from Ashley. Alright, not a big deal, Crystal was going to come home and then we'd figure out what to do that night.
Crystal got home 20 minutes later and didn't say anything about meeting up with Ashley. 10 more minutes went by and then Crystal yelled at me that it was time to leave. Good thing I had already changed my clothes and just had to throw my tennis shoes on. We then walked across the street to Casey's apartment where everyone was meeting up/waiting on us. We got there and they pushed us out of the apartment as they were all ready.
There was 12 of us, and I can't tell you everyone as I only met a few of them, and it was dark. 5 of us got into Casey's Elantra, and the other 7 got into a Buick (i think), it had a front bench seat so 3 were there and the other 4 squished in back. The ones I know were Casey (who I'd only met once before), Brianna, Ashley, Crystal, and Trevor (who I only knew from the few times he'd reffed Crystals soccer games at the Sports Academy). Driving up to the mine was fun, we gave Casey a hard time with his driving... he was making some really wide turns, and going super slow, it was kinda ridiculous.
Once we got up the canyon we climbed out and enjoyed the night for a minute, it was a really clear and bright night, and we had a great view of the valley. We then started hiking up towards the mine, or so we thought. Casey was leading the way and then one of the other guys was confused at where we were and realized Casey had gone the wrong way. So we turned around got back to the campsite and went the other way. 
The mine has a really small opening, you had to crawl down into it, and then once inside the opening you had to crawl on your stomach to get back into the mine shaft. 8 people went in before I did, but once I got down there things changed, we heard a deep growling sound. Now get this straight... I love scary movies, not satanic, horror films, but a good scary movie, one that just gets your adrenaline going a bit, and my dad was always one to scare us, but inside a mine, where you just had to crawl through a small opening on your stomach to get into... you're trapped and it is freaky! Then we hear it again.
Of all people I start to panic, and we hurry the little ways back to the opening. I start questioning Casey about them pulling a prank on us, and telling him it wasn't funny and they should stop. He swears it wasn't a prank they were pulling, and then it sounded again. Finally everyone was down but we were spooked. The boys of course want to investigate what was making the noise, but none of us were really interested, a few of the girls bailed and Trevor went with them since he was claustrophobic and wasn't too thrilled about being in the mine. One guy who had a big lantern walked to a fork in the shaft and guessed that the noise was coming from the shaft straight ahead and we'd be fine to go down the one to the left. We kept hearing the growl and I just wanted out... Casey informed us of an easier way to get out if we went with them and we agreed.
We walked down the shaft and then they stopped, Casey was concerned and informed us that the 2nd entrance was caved in. I couldn't stand it anymore, I made my decision to bail. We all went back to the fork and I made my way to the entrance. When you think there is something terrible behind, it is super easy to army crawl back through the tight space. I made it out, and a few other girls followed me. 
Outside of the mine we were talking with Trevor and I told them that my parents didn't live too far away and there had been mountain lion problems that winter, and I was freaked out by thinking a mountain lion was in there.
The rest of the group had decided to stay in the mine and still explore, when they finally came out we could hear the growling following them, it was getting louder. One guy mentioned he wished we'd have stayed in there since it was really cool. They all got out and we started to leave, and the growling got louder. I don't know what my problem was but I was terrified, almost hyperventilating. Crystal couldn't believe me, and told me to calm down, then the growling was so loud, it had to be out of the mine, us girls screamed, and then we were running back to the car. I fell into the fence we were suppose to crawl through, regained my footing and made it to the car. I didn't care about anything else, but got myself in and locked my door. I was so scared that I was almost in tears and close to wetting myself! Many were still outside, I guess the other car was locked and the driver had lost his keys. Someone saw the trees moving and the growling was close to us, everyone started getting in our car, even so much as crawling in the trunk. Then we saw something coming out of the trees... it was a guy... apparently Josh, the other roommate who was suppose to be in Salt Lake! I love that Brianna got out of the car, ran and tackled him and poked his forehead saying 'name 10 candy bars'! And he had a bear call... a 5 gallon bucket with a hole in the bottom where you pull a wet rope through to make the growling.
The whole thing was a joke they'd been planning for almost a month.
Josh had been hiding in Casey's trunk for almost 30 minutes before any of us showed up. Casey's bad driving was because Josh was in the trunk. Casey took us the wrong way so that Josh could get out of the trunk and up into the mine before us. Casey took all that just so the prank would be a good one. Even though I was way mad at these guys, I didn't even know them, they almost had me in tears, and I almost wet my pants... they did such a good job! This was one of the best pranks I've been able to witness! And it was on the eve of April fools! 
In the end we did go back into the mine and explored because it was cool. We even turned off the lights, sat in the dark, and told a scary story about the gold rush, The Blue Mist. 

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