Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

I love when my nephew comes and visits! Andy, Leza, and Brody just live too far away down in Vernal, Ut. We don't see them all the time. But they stayed for a few days this weekend.
The plan had been to come up Friday night, spend Saturday with my family and then Sunday they were headed to Highland with Leza's family, then they would head home to Vernal. This was the plan since they brought the truck... it costs too mush in gas to go back and forth that much. But I love them so much and wanted them to stay that I sacrificed my car for a day. So they came back up and left Tuesday morning.
They didn't get in until late Friday night and then I had to work 9-5 on Saturday. They were out shopping when I got off work so I went and joined them. We all got new dresses. Then we went to Kohl's since Leza needed shoes for Brody's church outfit. While we were there we found the cutest little girls clothes and helped convince her she needs a little girl! But of course it'll still be on her time, and she said if she got a little boy again they'd have to try for another ;) (love you Leza!)
Saturday night Andy and Leza went out with some friends and left Brody in my care! I let him share my banana spilt then gave him a bath, and feed him a bottle and snuggled a little bit while he slept. Then I put him in the play pen and came back to my apartment... which as of late is very lonely and quiet! I need more friends!
Sunday I went to my own ward in my new cute outfit I bought at Forever 21 at City Creek... a red pencil skirt and a black and white frilly top. Then I wore my Christmas shoes with it. After church I had a snack... which I was very glad I had and watched a movie. I went over to the parents house around 3, where as soon as I stepped in the house Tanner started bargaining with me for some of my candy. I helped dad with some dinner preparations. About 4:30 Andy and Leza got home and I took Brody outside for a minute and let Rawley run around. Brody just loves watching Rawley and Moose. It was then time for dinner so we went inside. Easter dinner is one of my favorite meals. We do ham, potato salad, fruit salad, deviled eggs, and rolls (someone forgot the rolls this year). After dinner we went over to 1st dam to enjoy the good weather. Sadly we got there and there was a sign that no dogs were allowed so Rawley had to stay in the bed of the truck the whole time. Brody sure did enjoy all the ducks, geese, and seagulls though.
That night we watched Tower Heist, way good movie btw. I came home around 11 and realized I needed to put my laundry away before I could sleep, bummer.
Monday morning I got a message from mom rubbing it in that she had got a sub for the day and was going to spend all day with Brody. I was suppose to work till 3, but one stylist was sick and we had to cover her shift, I had to work late, and I had been planning to go to the gym. Well it was a busy morning, but the afternoon slowed down so I got off right after 4 and decided to skip the gym and just go straight to the parents.
We went and did more shopping since Leza had got some Kohl's cash on Saturday and she could use it Monday, otherwise it would have been a waste. We got Brody some more clothes and then mom and Leza got sunglasses. Andy decided to be helpfully and was taking the tag off Leza's glasses before we left the store... yup he broke them... now she had to go back and find different ones.
That night we started up the fire pit and roasted hot dogs, Brody loved sitting outside with us in the walker, until he got cold. Andy and Leza decided to go over to her parents to say goodbye. We had rootbeer floats while they were gone. When they got back it was bedtime so we all said goodbye.
It was such a great weekend!!!

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