Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 5

I'm thankful for my roots where and how I grew up. I went to Star Valley this weekend for Taralyn's bridal shower with Crystal. Since we were there and I grew up 20 miles outside of Afton I decided to drive Crystal up to Freedom to show her my family farm.

I'm glad of the way I grew up, on the family farm learning hard work from my dad and how to run a home from my mother.

Some fun things while we were in Afton was that Tara's family gave us a private viewing of the new Footloose movie. Not kidding... they have two theaters... we were in the bigger one... and it was me, Crystal, and Tara... it was fantastic. Then there was the bridal shower where we made Tara blush by giving her cute and inappropriate for little kids lingerie.

Before we headed home we stopped at Burger King and Taco Time for dinner. While at Burger King we asked for fry sauce... found out it was discontinued... but they had a new 'Zesty' sauce that was fry sauce with horseradish sauce... the lady said 'Its like fry sauce on crack'... so if any of you are looking for fry sauce laced with crack... Burger King is the place to go! 

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