Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 3

My Sister in Law Leza and my nephew Brody!

This is where my grateful heart is today! I'm so glad they are part of my family. Leza joined our family 3 years ago this month. She married my older brother Andy. This past May she had she had my nephew Brody. The sad part is that in July they moved to Vernal... 4hours away. Its sad that we don't take advantage of family when they are around and only realize that we do this once they've moved away. Family is so important, they are the ones we will be with through the eternities and we need to make those relationships into ones that we want to be with forever.

I got lucky today and Leza was in town with Brody since her younger brother flew home from his mission. Leza text me a few days ago wanting a haircut while she was here. Of course I said I would do this for her... as long as she brought Brody over with her. I hadn't seen them since last time they visited which was back in September. The family went to Vernal to visit them over fall break but sadly being manager at my job I had to work that weekend since my assistant manager got married and for some reason thought that was more important reason to get the days off... lol I love you Nicole.

Know that I love and appreciate you Leza!

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