Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

So I know I did horrible the month of November... I didn't update my blog everyday... but I did grateful posts on Facebook everyday! I'm i'm so proud of myself for that. 
Now here it is December 31, the end of the year 2011... so much has happened in the last year. Friends have falling in love and gotten married. Friendships have blossomed much more than I would have ever thought. And sadly some have fallen by the wayside. That is all part of life though. Some people you are meant to know forever, while others touch your life for a brief moment and then they are gone, some gone on a happy note that you stay friends, you just don't keep in contact so much. While others fall out in a harsh way and your friendship is gone forever. Those are sad goodbyes, but its part of life, part of growing up, and part of moving on. 
Also in this past year my family has grown! My brother Andy and Sister in Law Leza welcomed my adorable nephew Brody into this world, and he has brought so much happiness! Then my brother Gary came home from His Mission in Texas. After he got home he got in touch with Chelsey who he went to High School with and they dated till he asked her to become his wife! This next year they will be married and She will join our family for all eternity.
The plan for tonight is that we are going to Salt Lake to ring in the new year with some old friends, and hopefully some new ones... a quote I found: 
Right now, someone you haven't met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you. 
Hopefully I can take this into the new year and meet some amazing new friends. So here's to the New Year... May it be everything it needs to be, may it teach me some new lessons, may it be filled with new adventures, and may I be able to embrace it all. Thank you 2011 for everything I accomplished.

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Dad Mom said...

I love reading, this is the only way we know part of what is going on. Love Grammie