Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 long weeks

Tomorrow!!! Tomorrow is the day I get to fly out to see the love of my life!!!

Photo: Good old army training

Isn't he so handsome!! And he's all mine for a few days.
My flight isn't till 8 pm  so I don't get to Texas till midnight, and now there has been some change with their pass days so I may have to get the car and check into the hotel by myself and not see him till Thursday afternoon. But the bonus is that he doesn't have to be back till Monday morning where he was originally suppose to be back Sunday at midnight.
Even though it has been hard having him gone, I think it makes our love for each other so much stronger. I realize the little things that I miss him for, like cleaning the house together, grocery shopping together, hanging out with family together. Relaxing at night together. I think that is the hardest one. When I've worked all day and get off at 7 I don't really want to go anywhere, but it gets lonely sitting on my couch, eating dinner, and watching something on Netflix by myself.
I truly fell in love with Jared when he was gone this summer. He had to go to California for 3 weeks in July for his AT (annual training) and in that time we fell in love and started talking about maybe getting married. Sometimes distance hurts the relationship, but in ours it brings us closer together. It helps us appreciate the other person, and helps us remember why we love each other.

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