Sunday, January 20, 2013

Broken hearts

I didn't want to put a black spot on my last post as it was a very happy occasion. 
But I guess every story needs some trials to teach us lessons and make us stronger.
In September when we were thinking about getting married, setting a date, looking at our future, we found out Jared's reserve unit got identified to Deploy, and it was going to be in April that they left for Fort Hood to train. We were thinking of getting married in January after the holidays, and after a few more months together but this put a kink in things. We decided that we loved each other and were planning on getting married so why not do it quick. We planned for a November wedding, this way even with him being gone for a week each month for training we'd have a good 5-6 months together before he left.
Sadly a week before the wedding Jared got a call while he was at work. He thought it was going to be about his drill weekend so he called them back... It wasn't about the weekend. They moved up the deployment, he not only was leaving for Fort Hood in January, but since his unit was in Salt Lake he would be living down there Monday through Friday. He was suppose to report November 13, four days after our wedding. 
You could say they were kind enough to give us a week to be together. 
That first night after Jared left I had a hard time sleeping. It'd only been 10 days Jared said, but it was so natural having him around and sharing a bed with him. It was nice that it was Thanksgiving that week and Jared was only gone 2 1/2 days and then we had 4 1/2 days together before he was gone again.
November 29 and 30 Jared was out in Minnesota doing paperwork. November 30 I went with my father in law to Salt Lake to watch Rhetts' hockey game and then I was going to pick up Jared from the airport. Well Jared always likes to surprise me... he caught an earlier and was waiting at the ice rink! After the game we went to his grandparents house to spend the night. December 1 was a Christmas party at the Army Center. They had a big lunch for everyone and then we just mingled with the other soldiers.
At work Tami was so helpful to me. Her husband is in the National Guard so she was very understanding of my situation and she worked every Saturday so that I could have my weekends with Jared.
Poor Jared wasn't home for 2 weeks in December. The 9th I drove him to the airport and he went to Fort Bliss till Thursday. I left work early as Jared again got an earlier flight. We got lunch and then went shopping, Jared got my Christmas Present (a pearl ring) from Morgan Jewelers. After that we went to Jared's grandparents to stay the night again.
Friday we got to the airport as we were going to a Yellow Ribbon Event in California. Sadly, the tickets were put in my maiden name and all I had were my married IDs. They finally let me through security but I had to get patted down. And now we were stressed about coming back from California. 
California was great. We got a lot of information that was very helpful (if only I could organize it). And it was somewhat warm too. We spent some time in Downtown Disney and bought Jared some legos at the Lego store. He was a very happy 'kid'. Sunday getting back through security wasn't so bad as we called Andy and he got a marriage license faxed to us at the hotel.
The next week Jared was out Camp Williams, but they were nice to keep them mostly inside as it was so cold outside. 
The next week was Christmas, then New Years, and then we got 1 1/2 weeks together before he reported to duty and flew down to Fort Hood where he is now.

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