Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend in Texas

This was a great vacation with such a sad ending.
To begin with I was suppose to fly out Wednesday, February 6th at 8:00 pm with a straight through flight to Austin arriving at 12:00 am Texas time where my husband was going to pick me up.
Well, the Army decided to switch some things around with training and they added an extra day for some, and 2 days for others!! What a bummer for these guys who were suppose to be on pass with their families!
Luckily with the job I have, and the girls I work with, I am pretty flexible and when Jared asked me to try and get an earlier flight it was an option.
 sitting in the SLC Airport

 I found a red eye I could switch to and got on it. I left Salt Lake at 1:00 am, after my dad was kind enough to drive me down, and that put me into Atlanta at 6:00 am (4:00 am Utah time) with a 2 hour layover before the flight into Austin. I won't lie I was kinda nervous about this flight with the switch... I usually only take a carry on so I wasn't quite sure how checked luggage worked but I was very happy to find my suitcase made it safe to Austin with me.
 Atlanta sunrise

When I got to Austin I was also nervous about my car rental. Jared was originally going to pick up the car so he could come down to Austin and pick me up, but then after they switched training we cancelled that and rebooked so I picked up the car. But now I was coming 12 hours earlier. It was no problem they had one ready, I just had to have it back sooner on Monday so I didn't get charged for an extra day.

I then got directions and headed up to Ft. Hood. I discovered that Texans don't speed, going 1-2 miles over I felt like I was flying by them. Except in a work zone... they didn't slow down, adjusting their speed for that. I stopped for a bite to eat at Jack in the Box when I realized I hadn't eaten actual food in about 12 hours.

Then I finally made it I found Jared!!

I got a big hug from the love of my life!! And it was so good to be in his arms.
We had fun that weekend in Texas. We ate good food, saw a good movie, hung out with friends, and just spent good quality time with each other. 
One thing I've learned from our relationship is that the distance has helped us grow closer together. Its helped us learn the little things that we love about each other. I love Jared  being around to do the shopping with me, or doing the dishes, or cleaning the house. I love curling up on the couch while we put in a movie and I fall asleep on his chest. I love him just being in the house. I love the faces he makes to get me to smile. And most of all, we've learned that time together is precious. You never know what will happen so you need to make the most of every minute you are together.

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