Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stop Complaining!!! We went to Polar Bear!

My crazy friends! Oh how I love them!
The guys have all gone to or worked at a boy scout camp up in McCall, Idaho. Well in the fall they go back up to camp and do what they call the Polar Bear Strut. It makes for a great weekend!
This was back in November, 12-14. We left Friday afternoon and headed to Pono's parents house in Nampa. We got there and put in Back to the Future as it was that weekend in the movie. LOL. We had to get up early the next morning to travel up to McCall. Lindsay and I at one point didn't want to be in the car anymore and started to 'complain' (we were just kidding around) and Clark turned around and yelled at us... "Stop complaining! We're going to Polar Bear!" hahaha it was so funny!
We arrived in McCall and got breakfast at The Pancake House. There they have huge cinnamon rolls! And a Christmas Store! Great place to just chill.
We then went down to the water front to watch the boys get really cold while doing the hokey pokey in the lake. The guys started getting an audience while we waited for someone to show up with their camera. Jamis made a speech and pumped everyone up. Go to facebook and watch the video
We jumped in the hot tub for a min to warm the guys up then headed back to Boise/Nampa. It was still pretty early and didn't want to just sit around doing nothing so Nate, Sierra, Pono, Lindsay, Spencer, and I went to see a movie. Unstoppable had just come out so we chose that one. Even though I was pretty tired it was way intense and I stayed awake. It was so good!
Pono's mom and dad made us dinner and afterwards we put in Back to the Future part 3, and I think most of us crashed... I know at least I did. After that was over we were really slap happy and laughed a lot till I decided to go to bed. Lindsay stayed up talking to Pono and when she came she apparently came in scared me and I 'inhaled' my nose. LOL.
Nate, Sierra, and Spencer all got up early to make it back to Logan so Sierra could talk in her ward. Lindsay, Pono, and I stayed to go to church with Pono's family and had Lunch at his brother and sister-in-laws. We left around 3 and Lindsay and I took a nap for a bit and made it back to Logan around 830ish.
It was such a fun weekend! We again learned that it was fun going on trips with Pono and those guys and couldn't wait for more to come!

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