Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yellowstone & West Yellowstone for Labor Day Weekend!

So back in July Arek and Tami informed me that they were going to Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend to visit our friend Brynn. I met Brynn last summer when I was living in Kaysville at Uncle Tom and Aunt Sirena's house. Brynn was a good friend of Tami's through high school and we became good friends hanging out together. Well she went up to West Yellowstone to work for the summer at a hotel and bakery.
In August Arek called to let me know about when we'd leave and the cost and what not, well it was going to be more than I wanted to spend and Arek decided that they still wanted me to come and since they were planning on going themselves anyway they told me to still come with them. They were so sweet. So we left Friday night and stayed at Arek's uncles house in Idaho Falls had breakfast with his aunt in the morning and then headed out. We made it to West Yellowstone and saw Brynn! It was so great, she had to work that day, but we hung with her for a bit, at lunch at the bakery, then headed into the park to see some sites. Here are some sites we saw... 

When we got back Saturday night Brynn took us out to dinner to a pizza joint called The Gusher. Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting and then Brynn had the day off and wanted to drive us around both West Yellowstone and the park. Here are some more pics...

Monday we packed up and walked around town... I actually ran into Forrest Haderlie... a guy I grew up with and hadn't seen for 10 years. I wouldn't have even recognized him other than I saw his picture on facebook when he got engaged.
This was such a fun road trip, I love spending time with Arek and Tami they are so great. Now they are parents and have the cutest little girl Julie who I so need to go see. Anyway it was so good to get away.

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