Friday, October 22, 2010

New Ward and a New Calling

So at the end of August they redid the 'Student/Singles' ward in Cache Valley. They decided to do this as so many people ward hop and they were falling through the cracks, getting lost, and they figured by doing this we could reactivate more people and find those lost sheep. They diminished all the 'Student' wards and made new wards and you now have to go to the ward you are in the boundaries for, according to where you live. I am now in the Logan Utah, YSA 10th ward, and in the 2nd stake, or the 'Aztec Building' as it is so named.
So far its been an awesome ward. It has enough familiar faces that I feel at home, and its got some new faces as well that I feel like I'm meeting new people all the time. I'm way excited for the new people I get to meet, the new friends I'll make, and the new adventures I'll have.
At one point my records were missing... yes they disappeared. I had been on the roll for Relief Society, but then one week I wasn't. I didn't really think to much of it, thinking it would show back up the next week. Then I started getting texts and emails from the 17th ward. The break off of the 10th ward...our ward was too big and they sent everyone from the North Logan Green Canyon Home Stake to the 17th ward...somehow my records got put in that pile even though my parent for sure live in the North Logan Stake. When this was figured out Isaac joked that yes they sent my records away, that the 10th ward wanted me but the 17th ward asked so nicely to have me that they gave up my records. In the end I just filled out a new pink sheet and they should be back now.
Anyway I got a new calling in my ward...even with my records being missing at the time, LOL. Brother Hyer asked to see me, and I figured a calling would be coming as he would talk to me just about getting my records back. I was extended the calling of FHE Group Leader... aka FHE Mom, and made my mother a grandma by just saying yes to this :) haha I beat Andy and Leza! I'm actually way excited for this, well once I get a of right now I'm a single mom and that's not going to be so fun.
Here's to some more new adventures with Church!

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