Monday, June 10, 2013

A New, and Very Tiring Change

First off can you believe its been 7 MONTHS since Jared and I got married!!!
Second its been 6 months since he left for Fort Hood in Texas!!
Third 5 months since I took my long trip down to Texas to see him and say Goodbye a 2nd time!
Fourth there are roughly 5 months  left till I can give my Hero the biggest hug and kiss he's ever had (yes probably more than when we got married even.haha)
I wanted to start by saying how fast things go by. Even though it is hard having my sweetheart over seas, only being able to text, call, skype, email every so often, it has gone by faster than I thought it would. And these next few months I hope just fly by.

As for the new and very tiring change... many of you have heard that I got a new job!!!
I have been looking for something for almost a year, but nothing has turned up that would be worth it. Then I got married and my husband got deployed and we decided mot to worry since my job was so flexible. But as of late I've needed something more.
Don't get me wrong. I loved the clients I gained at Cookie Cutters. And I loved the girls I worked with. But as a 'manager' I barely got 30 hours and week, and didn't have a very high hourly rate. I say 'manager' because my boss was a micro manager and did mostly everything herself, but with her living out of the state I didn't errand for the salon, for example the deposits and getting supplies like toilet paper and cleaning products.
My Father-in-law has been awesome and always sends me job links, he likes to look out for me like he does his kids. But a couple weeks ago he sent me a link that the Providence Great Clips was looking to hire a manager. Well this was right down my alley so I applied. In the process of applying I clicked to be notified for jobs at the North Logan Great Clips. Well Providence never called me, but I did get a call from North Logan. Of course I'd go in for an interview! 
I went in on June 1 for an interview and after chatting about what I was doing and what I'd be interested in, I was asked if I could come back in that night for my 2nd interview and if that was enough time to round up a couple haircuts. I knew dad needed one, and I was sure mom, Morgan, or Lexie would be available. So we went back in that night, she watched me cut hair and then offered me the job! I would start as a stylist which was a pay cut from what I was getting, but I would work 40 hours a week which would even out. But with tips and Great Clips productivity and product bonuses and could make way more, PLUS I would stay busy and with more hours I won't end up at my parents or in-laws or friends bored!
So in the end I started right away working 2 jobs for a week and a half while I finished my 2 weeks. I have been so tired! I'm not use to working this much, I have been spoiled, and I haven't had to work on Sundays for 4 years (I forgot I had to at Mastercuts) and I had to work yesterday. And Friday we got my schedule all screwed up so I ended up working at Great Clips 9-2 then 4-9! Wow was I exhausted!

I'm so looking forward to the next few months and seeing what other good things come from this change!

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