Friday, April 5, 2013

sometimes you just have hard days

I feel like I just ramble on sometimes.
I wonder why you guys read this.
But its a good outlet for me, I can write when I need to.

Today was hard. It started out wet and rainy so I didn't go on a run like I planned. (yes a run! I've decided to start running as Jared likes to and would like to run together.)
Jared and I tried to Skype but his connection wasn't strong enough so we just messaged.
Then the Xbox login got all messed up and I couldn't get Netflix up and I couldn't fix it.
I sent Jared a package today. I think that was most of the problem. Sometimes I just miss him so much, and wish he was here around the house. Even for stupid things like the messed up Xbox.
I love him so much and am so PROUD of MY HERO. As hard this is I wouldn't change it. For whatever reason we need to go through this, and I know it will make us stronger. It will strengthen our marriage.
I fell in love with Jared while he was gone last summer and this is just making that love stronger. I realize the things that I love most about him. What I miss about him. Like him playing Xbox while I do the laundry. Or us making dinner together. Summer picnics. Shooting up the canyon. Date night.
Thinking about all of these makes me happy looking forward to his Homecoming.

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